Channel WORM Er-154 now off the air.

Thank you for joining us.  Your comments are always welcome.

Our brother hadn’t seen Thor yet, we just got back from seeing it again.  It held up well under a second viewing.  We hope to spend a little more time here in the studio tomorrow.

Goodnight and God bless, from Charlie the Cannibal:

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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9 Responses to Channel WORM Er-154 now off the air.

  1. Xpat says:

    I’ve been thinking of your definition of the ultimate optimist: “The glass is completely full: half water, half air.”

    According to this criteria, the glass can actually be completely full without having any water at all.

    Isn’t that something?

    • Mountainbear says:

      The glass question is something you must never ask me.

      Because my first question will be “What’s in it?” Because that is important for the status of the glass.

      Let’s assume for a second the glass is half full/empty with beer. That means, that the glass is actually empty. Totally empty.

      How so?

      Because I drink it.

      Thus the whole thing of glass half full/empty becomes utterly pointless and must submit to my superior logic which was granted to me by the Great Penguin, praise his name.

    • wormme says:

      You could command large fees doing P.R. work for Obama.

      • Xpat says:

        When I think about it more, it becomes even more awesome. The glass can never be empty. The glass must, by definition, always be full.

  2. Mountainbear says:

    And now the Socialist party in Germany wants to make nuke plants unconstitutional.

    • wormme says:

      Do you know how big of a majority is needed for that?

      • Mountainbear says:

        I have actually no idea. Our own parlamentarism is bad enough (every time I watch footage from that place I get angry, 50% of the lawmakers are usually not present, the rest sits around, chats, reads, dozes, plays games while one nut stands in front and rants about stuff nobody gives the proverbial shit about), so I don’t really need Krautland.

        But with the current anti-nuke sentiments in Germany running at an alltime high… the SPD might succeed.

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