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Channel WORM Zn-62 now off the air.

Thank you for joining us.  We hope our hardware problems are mostly past, for now.  So, our President is all sulky right now.  Hopefully this will continue.  There’s no shortage of ways to go about it, as Rep. Thune demonstrates.  … Continue reading

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I’d like to see the demographic breakdown of this.

Only 6% of Americans are optimistic about the economy and the future. Specifically, I’d like to separate out government and union folks and look for differences.  Of course, given the past year, a lot of them may have lost some … Continue reading

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So what’s the Democratic holiday?

If the 4th of July is Republican? Given it can’t be Christmas, or Easter, or Memorial day…Union Day, obviously.  Sorry, Labor Day.  We need a National Right-to-Work Day, then.

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Keep punishing workers, that’s the ticket.

Oh yeah.  Well, you passed it, Pelosi.  And now we’re finding out what’s in it. It’s the Piñata of Doom.

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Broadband problems perhaps gone for the moment.

Just replaced my cable splitter and all Ethernet cables.  Back to over 1 Meg/sec., at least for now. So what’s next, I wonder?

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This is a case when gun control is necessary.

Therefore…eliminate the ATF. The idea that providing violent criminals with high powered weapons would result in an increase in homicides doesn’t make sense to Cummings, but blaming U.S. gun laws does. Punish the law-abiding, reward the lawless.  Leftism in action.  … Continue reading

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And yet activist scientists have totally figured out Earth’s climate.

Everyone’s assumptions about static electricity proven wrong. Whatever the explanation proves to be, Harvard University chemist Logan McCarty says it’s incredible something so common as static electricity remains such a mystery. “It’s certainly more complicated than we have naively believed … Continue reading

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