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Three cheers for Linda’s hubby!

Military personnel aren’t as dumb as most Americans. However, they’re still pretty dumb.  37% approval?  So more than one in three soldiers is a moron?  Actually, I doubt it.  This is because active-duty military — particularly those under 40 — … Continue reading

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Channel WORM Dy-153 now on the air.

Greetings from Finland, where we’ve identified the reason for the current food shortage. We hope your Memorial Day is one of both gratitude and gaiety.  Ours will be all that and a few loads of laundry.

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Channel WORM Sc-43 now off the air.

Thank you for joining us.  Your comments are always welcome. We close this broadcast in the early moments of Memorial Day.  Thank all of you who were, and are, guardians of liberty. Goodnight and God bless, from the Computerized Comedy Cat … Continue reading

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As suspected, I’m not a human being.

And if you wouldn’t worry more about Sarah Palin having the nuclear football, George Will doesn’t think you’re one either. Will is a perfect example of an intelligent but irrational person.  Most of the time he does pretty good analysis, sometimes he … Continue reading

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Pretty decent bzzzzzz.

We just watched The Green Hornet.  Very entertaining, but the language is much too bad for children and easily offended adults. They did reference one of my favorite bits of trivia.  In the original Green Hornet, Bruce Lee played Kato.  … Continue reading

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Harsh, Dutch dudes.

Pot is for residents, not visitors.  And who’s pushing this?  Geert Wilders. It’s because of stuff like this that I claimed title to the World’s Only Rational Man.  Lots of people are smarter than me, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t eventually … Continue reading

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Head scratching over the most violent American cities.

Here’s a Top Ten list. Though most regions of the U.S. saw declines, the Northeast saw an increase… Over the past several years there’s been a surge in “right to carry” legislation, hasn’t there?  That must explain it!  Since guns are obviously … Continue reading

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W.R. Mead on the failed state of California.

Via Insty, the ever-interesting Mr. Mead.  Hey, lookie here! California’s public unions are sucking the state dry — like a parasite killing its host. Great minds, huh?  For some reason mental subroutines are now trying to write a new song, … Continue reading

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The People’s Parasite Party.

xpat responded to an earlier post with a nice comment and an appropriate Simpson reference.  Click to see it, but my mood requires something much more offensive: Anyway, decided to bring an edited version of my reply into a post.  Can’t hang around … Continue reading

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Channel WORM S-38 now on the air.

Good morning from Kornfield Kounty.  And let’s give thanks they didn’t “artistically” alter a third C-word, eh? We’ve just now understood something about ourselves.  There’s been an abundance of outrageous news lately, but we’ve been less inclined to editorialize on it.  Understand that we … Continue reading

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