Bad news for PIGS.

Set economic engine set to “Sputter”.

Germany’s policy reversal on nuclear has been completed with a new push to enter the ‘age of renewables’

Actually, losing seven plants now, and nine more by 2020, shouldn’t have a major effect on Germany’s economy.  If they replace them with coal or gas-fired plants. 

Chancellor Angela Merkel…plans to use renewables…

Oh.  So…solar?  Ethanol?  Windmills? 

Germany will make out okay.  The remoras accompanying it will have to tighten their belts.  Wait, what am I saying?  They may not last that long.  mountainbear, any predictions on the state of the European economic Union for the year 2020?

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13 Responses to Bad news for PIGS.

  1. MG says:

    I’d think France will make plenty of bank selling baseload to Germany.

    35% of internal generation when you’re already short is about as pointless as talking about gaining 100% when you started at 0.

    • wormme says:

      Oh, you’re right. I went opinionating without thinking it through. Germany goes renewables, France goes nuke, France sells energy to Germany. Between the two of them, the stupidity will be much less than 1% of Germany’s economy.

  2. crosspatch says:

    German can kiss their steel industry goodbye.

    Know how many windmills it takes to power an electric arc blast furnace 24×7? All of them still aren’t enough. Sure, they might be able to fire up the furnace when the wind is blowing, but they might need to send the workers right back home again if it dies down.

    The Russians have always wanted Germany to be an agrarian country without any real industry that might serve as a threat. Looks like they get their wish. Germany can probably kiss its automotive industry goodbye, too.

    • wormme says:

      I’d agree with you totally, except MG pointed out that they can always buy power from nuke-friendly France. So they’ll end up paying a slight premium on electricity. Compared to the rest of Europe’s economic basket cases, they can shrug that off. When they’re not being psychotic, the Germans compete with anyone on Earth.

      I keep forgetting that the entire European Union is, like, our Eastern Seaboard.

      • crosspatch says:

        Yeah, I know. I think I pointed that out in an earlier posting on this subject and you mentioned something about radiation obeying national borders or the lack thereof.

        Seems pretty dumb, though. Now if they mandated that all the plants be shut down and replaced with modern plants, that would be a different story. Combine that with recycling the fuel, and they would have a pretty secure energy future. But then, that would make them France.

      • MG says:

        With the levels of the VAT, the depressive effect of the carbon taxes, a lack of competitiveness with other countries not limited by horrible carbon ‘policy’, and currency value pressure from other Euro countries I don’t think they have a good economic future.

        Japan jumping ship on a new Kyoto puts a new nail in the coffin built by China and the US refusing to hobble their growth that way. Comparatively, if Japan isn’t in a treaty like that there is no way for Germany to maintain a large steel industry or auto industry against them; Japan is simply too efficient in that sector to be competed against by Europe.
        Add in China going the ‘out-cheap-you’ route and Europe is in trouble.

        • wormme says:

          Nice analysis; I see how these “green” initiatives could be much worse for Germany than just changing electrical power sources.

  3. Mountainbear says:

    France will make a lot of money selling nuke power to Germany. Because the French won’t bug out. The Swiss won’t either. Nobody wants to. Only Germany.

    Germany is essentially done for. And it’s how the Germans, themselves, want it to be. You have to consider that the Green party, for example, had leaders, who said things like this: “The Germans must be thinned out ethnically” (Joschka Fischer), he also said that German heroes must be beaten to death by the world like rabid dogs. The left wing in Germany HATES Germany. The German party “Die Linke” (lit. The Left) was formerly known as PDS. And before that they were the SED. Yep, the same SED that ruled East Germany. Imagine the NDSAP would continue to exist. Yep, it’s like that. And the guys formerly known as SED are winning elections these days. People vote for them. Imagine that.

    People always go on about how the French are cheese eating surrender monkeys. Please, the French have more spine than today’s Germans. Seriously, I kid you not. There is a huge protest planned in Paris on June 18 against islamisation. People are asked to take part wearing the colors of the tricolore. The protest will be a huge party with beer and pork. Something like that is impossible in Germany.

    The EU in 2020?

    Well… either the EU has fallen apart by then, because the Euro has failed, or we’re all poor and will need development aid from China. I think it’s more likely that the EU will fall apart. The people are fed up. When you watch the polls these days it always comes down to the point that the majority thinks we’re putting too much money into the EU. Finland may drop out of the Euro. If Wilders pulls off what he’s been threatening the Dutch government with, then the Netherlands are also out, because Wilders will win such an election.

    There is resistance growing and the latest elections always show massive wins for “right wing populists”. Except in Germany, where the left-green block has milked Fukushima for their own political gain.

    I’ve drawn the wrath of many Germans on me these days, because I usually say, in the wake of these events, that “dumb” can be conjugated today as “dumm, dümmer, deutsch”, dumb, dumber, German.

    • DefendUSA says:

      I know it’s not funny…but that made me laugh…I wish it weren’t so, but I am afraid you’re right. 😦

      • Mountainbear says:

        The way I see it, the big difference it, you Americans are very flexible. You will adapt. Personally I see the future in Asia. India, China, Korea, Japan as the four main players, the other, smaller countries like Vietnam, etc, will join that. We may see an Asian Union, but never as messed up as the EU. They’re not THAT stupid over there.

        America will adapt.

        Europe is too stiff, too locked up in structures that had time to grow harder then concrete within several decades. Reforms are essentially impossible because somebody will scream against them and some, usually left wing, politician will milk it and the sheeple are too concerned about getting money from the government than turning on their brains. Take Fukushima and how the left-green block milked that.

        Take Spain. They’re all protesting. But wait! This is the EU. We have the Schengen Treaty and a few others. You can pack your bags and move to some other place. I can go the UK, for example, and get a job there. But oh wait… it’s easier to play revolutionary by day and then go home to Hotel Mommy when the night comes. Germany, reportedly, is looking desperatly for skilled workers. Where are all the skilled Spanish or Greek workers? Too busy whining against the socialist they all elected. Plus learning a new language is too much work for most people. It actually takes dedication. I can’t take those twats seriously.

        • wormme says:

          Isn’t the European equivalent of our “Tea Parties” gradually making some headway? Just saw an article today expecting lots of socialists to take hits in the coming elections. Primarily over two issues: debt and uncontrolled immigration.

          • Mountainbear says:

            Well, many are getting their butts beaten. We’ve seen it primarily in Finland and the Netherlands. In Sweden there is a start. Last year’s elections in Vienna brought a massive win for the Freedom Party, but the thing is… the vast majority still votes for maintaining the status quo.

            We don’t really have an equivalent to the Tea Party. Only two things come to mind. One is the EDL. The other is a citizen’s movement in Germany. They formed a party and abbreviate themselves BIW. That stands for “Bürger in Wut”, lit. angry citizens. They already had some minor success. Those are a few exceptions. Most is not organized at all.

          • wormme says:

            Since European nations are much less genetically diverse than America, as the EU fragments it may come down to racial loyalties. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, when the alternative is letting the Islamic worm eat out the apple’s heart. But the bigger problem is still the “socialists” spending other people’s money.

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