The People’s Parasite Party.

xpat responded to an earlier post with a nice comment and an appropriate Simpson reference.  Click to see it, but my mood requires something much more offensive:

Anyway, decided to bring an edited version of my reply into a post.  Can’t hang around the computer all day today but don’t want to seem post-impoverished.  So, 

 Actions speak louder than words.  Don’t they?  Not to religious fanatics like Communists and Socialists.

It’s constantly amazing to me how non-evil, non-brain damaged people let these morons preach their cult without being mocked or pelted with rotten vegetables. Theirs is a record unblemished by success.  Capitalism vs. communism.  Upon reflection, it’s inaccurate to call them “warring” theories.  “War” implies some degree of parity between combatants.

There isn’t.

Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela.  Commies seize control of the “means of production”, and everything else of value.  The economy collapses because there’s no incentive for hard work and every incentive for sloth.

Is this really so hard to understand?  It’s basic, obvious human nature and has been borne out every single time.  (Except for the Shaking Quakers, who also gave up sex.) So does turning Commie, and staying Commie, dehumanize people?

I’ll go with “yes”.   To impoverish everyone else to enrich you and your cronies, and then call those who feed you parasites, is not the mark of a full-fledged human being.

Seriously, if you doubt the unnatural mentality and morality of these pitiful creatures, check out zombie’s photo ops.  There’s much more than that one demonstration.   

If my tinnitus and loneliness ever get bad enough to make me want out of here, I’m not permitted to kill myself.  So sometimes I wonder about being torn to shreds by a howling mob.  In America, I don’t think just being Christian can get you killed by a mob yet, though the militant atheists are working themselves up to it. 

But being an irrefutable capitalist who laughs at the impotent idiocy of these gatherings?  Mmm…maybe.  But these are amazingly soft, spoiled, petulant people.  A real American man or woman might daunt them.  Or, the fear of getting caught and being held accountable for their actions.  If they were willing to accept that, they wouldn’t be Commies. 

So, the fantasy is to attend a lefty-fest and shout out that communism is only for brainless, conscienceless, talentless, slothful, self-worshiping sociopaths.  All of whom are cowards.  Point out that a single man stands up to a mob of thousands, and demand they bring forth their champion to meet me in single philosophical combat.

And when they are unable to, and choose the last refuge of the incompetent? I’d shout that a billion army ants can indeed defeat a lion, but he’s still the King of the Beasts…and they’re still a bunch of insects.

Then it’s just a matter of seeing how many I take with me.

(Okay, no, I wouldn’t hurt any of them as they killed me.  When death looms it’s amazing how quickly I turn back to God.  I’d do my best to imitate Stephen.)

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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14 Responses to The People’s Parasite Party.

  1. Sam E says:

    Communism turned out to be such a disaster in Viet Nam that in 1986 the Vietnamese Communist Party instituted “Doi Moi.” “Doi Moi” officially translates as “new economics.” I translate “Doi Moi” as “Communism sucks. Lets become Capitalists.”

    Now if we could only see the same wisdom in the American Left. . .

    • Xpat says:

      Man, Vietnam’s really turning into an economic powerhouse these days. It’s seen as the up and coming East Asian whiz kid.

      • Sam E says:

        My wife and I have maintained a home in Viet Nam for 14 years and will be back there in a couple of weeks. My biggest gripe, and it is against America, not Viet Nam, is that it looks like Viet Nam will have between 1 and 14 new nuclear power plants before America builds the next one. That hurts. Big Time.

        • Xpat says:

          Do you recommend living there if you’re an outsider?

          My wife has been looking for a country to retire to for the last couple of years. She finds Japan depressing–a giant old folks home, to hear here rail about it. Although, it’s kind of appropriate to retire in a giant old folks home, isn’t it?

          As for me, I visited Utah and fell in love with it, but doubt I’ll ever get to live there. (Mormons don’t bother me–seem like pretty nice folks.)

          • Sam E says:

            Language is the biggest issue. This is changing as government policy states that English is the official second language and it is mandatory in school. Signage is increasingly bilingual, Vietnamese/English.

            So, Sai Gon/T.P. HCM supports a large Xpat population and has a strong demand for experienced ESL teachers whose native language is English. The further you get from Sai Gon, Ha Noi, and a few other large cities, the more “native that you need to be.

            We have a home in the Vietnamese boonies and a home in the Texas simi-boonies. But, I,ve been in and out of Viet Nam for 42 years and my wife of 38 years is Vietnamese.

          • wormme says:

            English is the Phoenician of this age. It won’t remain so, if the West keeps on its path. Who knows? Vietnamese might be next.

          • Xpat says:


            By the way, what’s the Religious Freedom index there?

          • Sam E says:

            Xpat says:
            May 30, 2011 at 8:45 am


            By the way, what’s the Religious Freedom index there?”

            I don’t know. I do know that the Christian missionaries, involved in Viet Nam that I know about, like working there. There are lots of new Churches and Pagodas around and more being built. The major issue is that, while church services, day care and schools are fine; political action is strongly discouraged.

            Note, it has been two months since I was in Viet Nam. I, only simi-jokingly, suggest that you should be cautious about believing what you hear about Viet Nam from anyone who hasn’t been there in over six weeks.

            Things are changing very fast. Also note, that about 2005 most of us who live in Viet Nam decided that Viet Nam was no longer able to return to being a traditional Communist dictatorship.

        • DefendUSA says:

          My husband went to Viet Nam in 1993 and came back saying that it wouldn’t be long before they became an economically sound and prosperous nation. Some Euro countries were already investing in it’s future. Good to know that they are winning.

        • wormme says:

          Good for them, and I guess you. Bad for us.

          • Xpat says:

            Vietnam would be a great country for the US to partner up with. A lot better than China!

  2. Xpat says:

    Probably unanswerable question: Was Itchy the parasite and Scatchy the worker, or was it the reverse?

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