There’s a common denominator to the public’s worries.

Via Instapundit, a Rich Lowry article pointing out that the Republican Party’s current focus isn’t the public’s:

The unemployment rate is still at 9 percent. According to Gallup, 35 percent of people say the economy is their top concern, and 22 percent say jobs. Just 12 percent cite the federal deficit and debt. Republicans have taken the top concern of roughly one-eighth of the public and made it their existential cause.

Arrgh, he makes an excellent point.  Not to give a rat’s rear end about the Republican Party.  It constantly gives in to and even facilitates statism.  But it has members who seek to rein in the State, including a number of Tea Party-infused new ones. 

Would anyone else like to help them patriots weave these various concerns into a tailored argument?  This will probably involve several posts, as there’s a lot to consider.  It just got its own topic.  

But what’s the topic?  Before we complicate things, the foundation must be right.  Are our first principles correct?

Can we combine the Big Three Concerns into a single concept, thus interesting 70% of Americans?  I’ll go with this:  finances.  If you have a better phrase, share!

Now, here’s (what I believe is) another first principle.  The primary reason for the lousy economy, harsh unemployment, and debt crisis are one and the same.

The federal government has turned parasitic.

Since that may not seem like a first principle to you, the next post will illustrate the point.  After that comes crafting arguments from this basis.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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