TEPCO management…just keeps looking worse and worse.

Here’s the latest press release.  The translations seems worse than normal, and parts were hard to understand.  The title made me think, “they’ve given someone more than 250 mSv?!”  Nope, which is good.  Nothing else about this is.

The density of radioactive materials was exceed the statutory limit  (0.001 Bq/cm3, iodine) at the Main Anti-Earthquake building at  Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, nevertheless TEPCO do not require wearing protection equipment for prevention of dose.

Given the “cm3” part, they’re talking airborne activity.  Meaning, they had folks running around without respirators in an airborne iodine area.  Also,

TEPCO should measure dose of employees who have not measured yet. All the staffs are periodically measured once in a month

Er…this has gone on a couple of months already, some folks haven’t been given whole body scans?  Clever, if intentional.  Malevolent, but clever.  “We may have given people iodine uptakes.  But Iodine-131 has an eight day half-life.  Let’s not check them for a few months and the problem will mostly go away!”

Not that I’m accusing them of being that competent.

Secure dose meters for all employees to manage their radiation dose.

They still haven’t?!  They don’t have electronic personel dosimeters for everyone.  Don’t tell us Japan can’t scrap up a few hundred EPDs.  And if it can’t, every radiologically sophisticated nation on earth has offered help.  We’ve got them.  Ridiculous and pathetic.

TEPCO did not record the dose from April 14th to April 21st, 2011, regardless the dose outside of building in Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station were exceeded the statutory limit at controlled area (1.3 mSv/ 3 months).

 They might deserve a teeny bit of sympathy for this one, because of the evacuation.  It’s well above limits to the general populace, but the general populace isn’t supposed to be around.  I mean, it’s not like they’ve got untrained workers running around the site, right?


Two female employees exceed the limitation level (5 mSv/ 3 months),  furthermore, five female employees who do not appoint and resister as radiation workers were assigned for emergency work at controlled area. These issues conflict with reactor regulation and two of them exceed the limitation dose level (1mSv/year).


Yes, it’s an emergency response.  But if you’re going to breach normal regulations you have to say so up front.  Putting non-rad workers to work in a rad emergency?  If they’re saving lives or mitigating disaster you’d have my sympathy and they’d have my utmost respect.  But this…  

These aren’t large doses we’re talking, comparitively speaking.  Remember somebody has gotten 180 mSv of dose.  Given the way they go about things, though, the lack of recent data on personnel exposures is ominious.

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5 Responses to TEPCO management…just keeps looking worse and worse.

  1. Mountainbear says:


    Though I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled everyone who was on site. That may have included literally everyone, including the girls in the billing department.

    On the “good” side, it might finally shut up all the dumb feminists who whine about Japan. I doubt that many women would be on the ground if the same would happen in, let’s say, Germany.

    I actually wonder what the management told them. Or if the management had had any say in this any way. I mean, witht the chaos following quake and tsunami, the broken phone lines I don’t really see how TEPCO off-site management could talk with them or give them orders. So the initial response would be called from whoever called the shots on site.

    Ah I don’t know. I’m tired. I think I’ll go back to bed.

    Also, 1 cm3 isn’t really a lot.

    • wormme says:

      The thing about those limits, they apparently are sexist. It looks like Japanese women aren’t legally permitted to get as much as men.

      We differentiate here only with regards to pregnancy or its possibility. If women want, they can pick up as much as men. If they don’t, our limit is 500 mrem (5 mSv) over an entire nine-month pregnancy. If they’re trying to get pregnant (or even just saying they are), that’s the limit. 5 mSv per nine months. Of course no one ever gets close to that limit. The legal limit in general is 50 mSv per year. Our administrative limit is 20 mSv per year. Which, again, very few workers approach.

  2. Xpat says:

    I think these are mostly sub-contracted workers. And possibly a fair percentage of rounded-up day laborers (or even homeless–though I sort of doubt that to any large extent). I am referring back to what we considered and discussed re: previous posts (from Andy in Japan).

    Anyway . . . amen on that *headdesk*

    Tepco. Um, Tepco. Erhem. Cough, cough. Tepco. Um, the whole world is watching you, guys. Yes, I mean you. Uh-huh. And now they think all Japan is like you. Yes, they really do. Yes, you.

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