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Nuclear cart before the atomic horse.

TEPCO issued a statement regarding improvements to be made in earthquake safety standards. WTFukushima?  There probably was massive damage from the quake, but it’s the tsunami that caused the nuclear disaster.  They’d have been able to shut down with the … Continue reading

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There’s no test of American wills more important than this one.

Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina, unloads beautifully on the Administration here.  But it’s going to take more than that.  We’ll have to physically kick a lot of unions asses to win. Don’t worry, I’m not proposing we attack them.  But they’ll … Continue reading

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Is Fukushima filtering or diluting the spent fuel pool water?

Checked TEPCO’s press page, they released their latest analysis of the pool water.  Even accounting for two half-lives of I-131, the activity is considerably less today than it was 16 days ago.  It’s not a huge difference, I’m  just curious … Continue reading

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Channel WORM As-73 resumes broadcasting.

Welcome, from Layafette IN.  Onward to our programming!

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Channel WORM Zr-97 now off the air.

Thank you for joining us.  Your comments are always welcome, sometimes it just takes a while. The catastrophic weather in the States occupied us more over the past few days than the Fukushima situation.  They are now bringing some impressive … Continue reading

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Reader links. And is France getting more fallout that California? (No.)

Some interesting stuff went up in the last few hours.  MAW linked to a page about America’s #1 tornado killer.  At 695, that’s not going to be broken.  Here’s the link to the top ten.  Also from MAW were awesome photos … Continue reading

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Radioactive rubble rousing.

Excellent article from World Nuclear News. A survey of radiation dose rates at the site has revealed the highest to come from debris left on the ground after the explosions at units 1 to 4. Some rubble beside unit 3 is … Continue reading

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