Nuclear cart before the atomic horse.

TEPCO issued a statement regarding improvements to be made in earthquake safety standards.

WTFukushima?  There probably was massive damage from the quake, but it’s the tsunami that caused the nuclear disaster.  They’d have been able to shut down with the teeniest fraction of the actual radioactivity released.   

Hopefully we’ll see some preliminary proposals soon.

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3 Responses to Nuclear cart before the atomic horse.

  1. SeanB says:

    Tsunami is a common result from earthquake, so most likely that is among the improvements will be the prevention of flooding, and better waterproofing of control panels that are likely to be exposed to flooding in a potential disaster. Probably will involve tankage and emergency power supplies to be either in a sealed building or built high up where it can not be washed away or submerged. Most likely will involve retofitting of lockable waterproof doors to low level machinery areas, and a sump with pumps to control ingress via other means.

    • wormme says:

      That’s a great summation of what’s necessary. Of course if p.r. keeps them from re-opening any of Fukushima, it might turn into a case of locking the barn after all the horses get out. For all I know, no other reactors in the country need upgraded safety systems.

  2. SeanB says:

    The waterproof panels will be a good idea in most cases, if you consider that a broken pipe, from any cause, can make a panel and it’s associated equipment, unusable for a prolonged period.

    It iss a good practice to make them dust proof and at least washable from all angles, as this reduces maintenance costs, though you need to make sure that internal temperature rises are kept within limits, and provide ventilation as appropriate along with ingress protection where you are using internal fans. If you have an air to air heat exchanger for a panel you will get no dust buildup inside on the control gear, and will have only one large unit that can be easily hosed down to keep it clean providing cooling. You can also have very large dust filters, and larger more efficient fans on it to move air on both sides, the inside filters will provide control for dust during maintenance, and the fans will circulate better than relying on convection.

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