To the Ruling Class this is an emergency.

Instapundit links to an article on rising gas prices and falling Presidential popularity.  Plus a link to a skeptic.  It gave me an epiphany:

In about a year the Administration will make a big push to dip into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower prices.  Sooner or, probably, later (closer to the election).

Remember that bit of chatter about it earlier, quickly silenced?  They realized it’s way too early.  Reserve is only equal to about a month of American consumption.  They’ve got to make sure prices fall leading into the election.  Maybe starting in the 2012 summer vacation season. 

Consider:  the Ruling Class decides that gas prices will cost Obama re-election.  Will they be okay with that?  So then, would they (and their base) prefer to let oil companies greatly expand drilling,  or use the S.P.R. to temporarily lower gas prices?

I even expect them to expand American oil production if they decide it’s their only hope, but that’s the absolute last resort.  It would infuriate much of their base.  There’s also the lag time before seeing the increased supply.  Opening the Reserve brings immediate gratification. 

Given Obama & Co.’s cynical view of us “bitter clingers”, they’ll figure we won’t notice or won’t care about the reason for falling gas prices.  And they’ll be right, about millions of ignorant drivers.  “Hey, things are finally getting better!”  And people opposed to using a strategic reserve for political purposes already aren’t voting for Obama.

If prices keep going up and Obama’s ratings keep going down, expect a second push for tapping the Reserve.  This one will be deadly serious.  Those opposing will be painted as the bad guys.  We want the poor to pay more at the pump!  

Given the inevitable assistance from media, entertainment, and academia, this could easily work.  Then after the election Obama will get back to “necessarily skyrocketing” our energy prices, just like he wants.

Oh yeah, we’ll also have a greatly deplenished Reserve that reduces our military options just a bit.

So, two birds.

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14 Responses to To the Ruling Class this is an emergency.

  1. Mountainbear says:

    It gets better than that.

    My Texan friend told me the following:
    “The Govt. wants to put the sagebrush lizard on the endangered list, this would pretty much shut down drilling in a huge cunk of Texas”

    I did a check on that lizard and found that the Southern Sagebrush Lizard lives in Southern California, and the Western and Northern Sagebrush variations are found in many western states including Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, and Arizona. So hardly endangered.

    But facts don’t matter for our so called “leaders.”

    The EUSSR now wants to introduce new water usage regulations, since the south has issues with lacking water in summer. Thus the entire EUSSR shall get some new, strict regulations. Apparently, in a Eurocrat’s mind, if I use less water for flushing the crapper in Denmark… I’m going to fight the lack of water in Italy… Makes an awful lot of sense…. NOT.

    • wormme says:

      The government tried mandating “low flush” toilets here decades ago. Well, for private citizens; government facilities were exempt. Didn’t even do what it was supposed to; manly-sized craps usually required multiple flushings.

  2. Sounds a reasonable enough prognostication. Whatever gets the votes they need without actually detracting from the collectivist agenda. I wouldn’t mind millions of ignorant drivers, by the way, ifn only they weren’t also ignorant voters . . .

  3. DefendUSA says:

    Well, I agree. Obama will wait til election time and people will think that indeed he is “teh Messiha.” Spelling intentional. And now with the release of the BC, thinks he will stop all the “other”silly distractions,too, I’m guessing?! Like the IED’s in Texas and the mass murdering/graves being found going on near our borders. Or maybe he just wanted The Donald to have a nice cup of STFU? We’re just distracting him all the time, aren’t we? Stupid voters! How dare we think that he should be working instead of running the country into the ground.

    • Mountainbear says:

      Trump managed to divide the entire conservative base with this. He’s now screaming “college records!” I expect the independent voters to be driven away by this sooner or later.

      Ah sod it. ot make it short, I’ll just post here what I posted on my blog:

      I’ve defended Obama thrice in the past roughly three weeks.

      And looking at Side-show Don I have to say: rightfully so.

      I hear Donald T Rump is now screaming for Obama’s college records. More distraction! Yes! That’s what the country needs! Side-show Don at his best!

      Ignore that the government is trying to kill drilling in Texas! Yep, that’s right. In order to protect some lizards, things are now in motion to shut down oil drilling in many areas of Texas and New Mexico.

      Obama’s college records are more important than fuel prices and thousands of families who depend on those jobs!

      Donald T Rump = America’s best snake oil merchant

      You deserve another four years of Obama for listening to douchebags like Donald. And you will get them.

      Accept it. The US is f*cked. Europe is f*cked. Over here, the German leftwing is now actively DENYING the holocaust so that they can hit Israel!

      Hooray for Donald T Rump! He knows what’s important!

      Seriously: I want to go to a press conference and nail that jackass against the wall with uncomfortable questions. Questions like: Why are you silent on the deficit? Why are you silent on the national debt? Why are you silent on unemployment? Why are you silent on terrorism? Why are you silent on the chaos at the border to Mexico? Why are you silent on the REAL reason for the fuel prices? No Donald, it’s not OPEC. It’s the dollar. The oil price and the dollar are connected. The dollar is being inflated by the government (yay for printing money), thus the oil price goes up. Thus the fuel prices go up. The one winning from this is the government. And you know that. And you’re silent.

      Donald T Rump, you’re a tool, you’re a distraction from the real issues.

      Imagining the Trump as POTUS is even more scary than 4 more Obama years. Oh, he might be halfway decent in the economic part. But in foreign politics? Trump? Someone push the red button already and put us out of our misery.

      • wormme says:

        Trump might still be unwittingly doing some good. As Rush pointed out today, at least he’s going after The One. Apart from Sarah almost none of the Republicans are willing to.

        But if Trump does it, suffers no loss of popularity, and Obama’s polling numbers keep sliding, maybe some shrinking violets will start hitting Barack on important matters.

        Of course if Trump then goes “third party” and hands the office back to Obama, he’ll need a dire ass-whuppin’.

    • wormme says:

      I’d be much happier if he spent the rest of his term playing hoops and golf and hanging wit’ celebrities. You wouldn’t hear me complaining, I’d be encouraging Congress to follow his example.

  4. MAW says:

    A simple and nondestructive way to get the message out is those clever sticky notes. Simply write “Hows That Hope And Change Working Out For You” and post them on gas pumps,in grocery stores and any place gas prices have effected the cost of living. Doing this may be childish to some but its far better then just bending over and taking it.

    • defendusa says:

      I like the way you think! This would work well in a grocery store, too! So many people just move along and pay whatever, even when they don’t have a penny to spare. Not me. I get the cheapest gas whenever I can and the cheapest milk, bread and eggs, as well. I. am. going. to. do. it. Watch and wait. I’ll be boch! 🙂

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