User links plus tasteless joke!

xpat linked to pink tentacle, which is a blog about Japan yet not hentai.  Gotta assume  pron producers think of it as “the one that got away”.

Anyway, and it’s a fascinating look at Japan.  Scroll down a bit and there are some hi-rez Fuku photos you may not have seen.

Oh, I see crosspatch agrees with my tentative conclusion that the plutonium is environmental, not Fukucentric.  Making it less tentative.

Midwest Bill submitted a Hannity piece on media bias, right here.  I tend to avoid Hannity like the plague.  Much the way someone who gets a bad oyster on the very first try, recovers, gives them a second chance, and gets a bad oyster again, tends to avoid oysters.  


And, via Hot Sheet:  Elton John on Fatherhood.  Sorry.  My immediate reaction was to hear Fatherhood yelling, “get the hell off me!” 

Elton’s going to make sure the kid isn’t spoiled?  Um, right.   I lost pretty much any respect for Elton John, as a man, years ago.  Not because he’s gay, but because he was once playing the piano in an outside venue, kept losing his sheet music, and finally shrieked, “can’t somebody do something about this g-d wind?”

Maybe being a dad will force him to grow up a bit himself.  It worked on my two brothers.

Well, a little.

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13 Responses to User links plus tasteless joke!

  1. midwest bill says:

    I haven’t heard Hannity on radio … but the “Bias” part seemed pretty good. You’ll have to be more specific on why you avoid him like the plague, so readers like me can understand your distain. The media is not biased? Hannity is a liar? Why is he such a bad oyster?

    Beck is more brash, but he has exposed nasty things about Obama, and seems to have some connections. There are things about Beck I don’t like … asking “his peeps” to commit their lives and fortunes … while he is making his fortune off the calamities .. still, he exposes self professed communists in Barry’s administration.

    Bernie Goldberg also wrote about “BIAS” … I’m thinkin’ media bias controls a lot of people … might add 5-10% to the lefties in elections, or is it more?

    You love Coulter .. but hate Hannity? … hmmm … I love Coulter too … but haven’t had a problem with Hannity. Anyway … doesn’t matter … they’ll be thrown into the Gulag together … heh

    • wormme says:

      I don’t hate Hannity, he just flares up my language OCD. Thought it would be obvious from those links. He uses the word “literally” yet literally doesn’t know what it means. And he uses it liberally. Drives me nuts.

      • midwest bill says:

        lol … I put Hannity on the DVR and just listen to guests I might find interesting … a lot of people misuse “literally”, but there’s no good excuse for professionals. I’m spoiled now with the DVR … have to be able to fast forward thru the crap and commercials. I don’t listen to Rush since I have no simple way to record and then ignore all the commercials.

        I recently had another relative come out as a liberal nut .. or at least as confused. Sure the Arizona shooter was Tea party … home schools but I guess her church is into “social justice”, so she hated Beck for warning about that. No idea who Soros was, which I told her about when she revealed her MoveOn source of info. She pretty much swallowed whole all the Media Matters talking points.

        This is a rather religious and educated family … made me realize how most don’t have time to get beyond the mainstream BS that is flooding the media market place, even if they try. Staying in the comfortable womb of political correctness is SO much easier than digging out uncomfortable and unpopular facts.

  2. crosspatch says:

    I can’t listen to Hannity on the radio. I can sometimes watch him on TV depending on who his guest is. I can’t listen to Levin, either, but I like to read his stuff. I can listen to Rush but you really have to listen for several days in order to “get” some of the subtle references to subjects from previous shows. Also Rush works on two different levels, kindof like The Jetsons. There is a lot of very subtle sarcasm in there, too, that some might miss.

    • wormme says:

      Rush is very entertaining on the rare occasions I get to listen. And the clips of Glenn Beck’s radio show, where he’s joking with his buddies, are also entertaining. But even then I prefer reading news and analysis to hearing it. I can do analysis of my own that way.

  3. Hannity’s voice is so grating. And the content isn’t good enough to overcome this handicap. He’s basically conservativism for dummies.

    Agree about Beck bantering with Pat and Stu. I don’t even miss Beck when he leaves the show to them. Rarely watched the TV version.

    Rush is the RadioFather, and an institution unto himself. Started listening to him when I was 19. Folks say well he just tells you what to think. But from the get-go he just confirmed what I already thought.

    I’m a big fan of Laura Ingraham. Clerked for Clarence Thomas? Worship!

    I worshipped the Blogfather before he blogged, and without realizing his political proclivities. Never even pondered it, til a decade later. Then it’s like, ohhhhhh!


  4. Xpat says:

    “Get the hell off me!” Good one, WORM!

    If you try “Urban Legends” or “Yokai” as search terms at Pink Tentacle you get some really, really fun and interesting stuff.

  5. Mountainbear says:

    The catfish prints on the photo site are also pretty damn interesting.

    Legend has it that Japan is sitting on a huge catfish. He twitches, the earth trembles. He wakes up… uh oh.

    A few years ago there was a TV series in Japan dealing with that legend. It’s was pretty funny. 鹿男あをによし – Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi, also known as “The fantastic deer-man”.

    Synopsis: “Forced out of his research group after conflicts with his colleagues, Ogawa Takanobu takes up an offer to teach at a girls’ high school in Nara. When taking roll call on the first day one of his students, Hotta Ito, sneaks into class late, claiming a bogus excuse–that she got a ticket after trying to park her deer in front of the train station. He makes immediate enemies with Hotta when he tells his superiors about her tardiness and attitude. In the following days, he begins to notice something unusual about Hotta, but he can’t seem to put his finger on it.

    With an odd group of colleagues who live together with him, Ogawa slowly accustoms to life in slow-paced Nara, where there seem to be as many deer as people. Walking through Nara Park one day, he begins to befriend the local deer population, feeding them rice wafers. After being confronted by a talking deer who commandeers him to prevent the destruction of Japan, he fails in his first mission and the talking deer exacts punishment–looking into the mirror the next day, he discovers he has turned into a deer from the shoulders up. Ogawa slowly begins to piece the puzzle together: the talking deer, the mysterious student, and a recent series of earthquakes that could spell doom for Japan…”

    • Xpat says:

      These days, tv fare has been very poor. In fact, it took the disaster for Japanese tv to be worth watching again. But about 5 years ago there was a great drama on called Nobuta wo Produce, and I found that it’s on Youtube, now with English subtitles.

      I may rewatch part of it to understand the dialogue better and thus work on my Japanese. The female lead who plays a misfit, Maki Horikita, has become a huge star since–truly a great actress, I think. If I had to have a Japanese idol it might be her. The two guys do their mismatched buddy roles extremely well (they’re actually pop idols).

      The drama Nodame Cantabile (also a movie now) was also great in a quirky sort of way, but it is a strange combination of classical music geekiness and manga-esque goofiness that might not work anywhere else in the world.

      • Mountainbear says:

        Nobuta was hillarious. I have it somewhere I think. Nodame didn’t do it for me, since I don’t really like Ueno Juri’s acting (and she sucks horribly in Gou – Himetachi no Sengoku right now) and it was just too unrealistic for me in general. Loved the music, the rest not so much, mainly I had a badass music teacher in school, who was a conducter, composer, jazz pianist and principal of the local music school. Classic expert he was.

        I have a hard time finding good dramas these days. Medical stuff I avoid, since I end up screaming at them at all the things that are done wrong. That doesn’t leave a lot these days. Hanchou is running again, I liked the first 3 seasons. BOSS is back, too. JIN as well (it was fine in season 1, just not Doctor-ish enough for my tastes.) That’s essentially it for this season. Most other stuff is uninteresting. Shinsengumi Keppuuroku I’m only wathing because A) it’s a jidai geki (I love those, but I dislike the hype around the Shinsengumi, I’d rather have something like that about the Jôshigun) and B) a friend of mine is in it. Iryu Sousa is another one I’m watching right now. I will watch rebound, but mainly because Kuriyama Chiaki is in it, and I just love her.

        Most of my favorite dramas are all a few years old. Stand Up, now that was a riot. Seigi no Mikata, that was hillarious (plus it had Shida Mirai and that girl is just pure untamed energy, I’m a big fan.) Shinzanmono is more recent, but it was pretty damn fine, too. Just love Abe Hiroshi and it was so atypical for a police drama. It was slow, but on purpose. The cops actually did police work. OMG!

        Haven’t touched the Asadoras, NHK’s morning dramas, in years. The last one was with Miyazaki Aoi. They’re just boring and long winded. 156 episodes, 15 minutes each, with 8-10 minutes of actual plot. I seriously hate the format.

    • Xpat says:

      MB, this is another post from Pink Tentacle from a while back, awesome beyond words:

      • Mountainbear says:

        Flipping epic.

        It’s funny, I was thinking “Hmmm, this reminds me a bit of NGE” and I scroll down and then one of the images has “Gainax” written on them.

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