The American Taxpayers’ Union is sheer genius…

…and yes, I do say so myself.

The B.U.G. hunt was fun, and several other bloggers enjoyed it.   But a taxpayers’ union…go on, admit it. You’re jealous you didn’t come up with it.

Some things to know about your A.T.U.

1) We are already unionized.

Using “Card Check” philosophy advanced by the Administration itself, a majority of taxpayers wasn’t needed.  Forming accredited unions only requires a majority of those actually voting. But “Card Check” also does away with the secret ballot, so I must share the specific outcome:  I voted “Aye”.  There were no “Nays”. 

So the A.T.U. is currently a perfect union, and you’re all members.  True, two or more of you could currently disband us, but wait!  Hear me out.

2 ) As a certified union member you now get respect from politicians you never received as a mere taxpayer.  Chew on that

3) Like all unions, our purpose is to present a united front during adversarial negotiations at the bargaining table.  In our unorganized state we were already the adversary of government employees’ unions.  Our opponent is slightly different:  it is the  government(s).

4) Dues are just as mandatory as taxes.  They will be collected by the government(s) and turned entirely over to me, the A.T.U.’s sole union official.    

5) Your dues will be used for one purpose only, political influence.  Lobbying and influencing elections will be the primary expenditures. 

6) The sole political aim of the A.T.U. is for us to choose who sits across from us on the other side of the bargaining table.

7) Quit digging around in your ears, you heard me right.  As head of the A.T.U. my goal is for American taxpayers to negotiate with themselves, using selected representatives, on how much tax to pay. 

Not so complicated, is it?   The (now existant!) American Taxpayers’ Union (you are a member!) is just like any other one.  Politicians who put us first will be rewarded.  Those who oppose us will be crushed.  

You’re already a member.  If you want out, say due to insanity,you’ll need at least one more crazy taxpayer.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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8 Responses to The American Taxpayers’ Union is sheer genius…

  1. Sue says:

    How do I reach Customer Service, please? I don’t seem to have gotten my membership card yet…

  2. midwest bill says:

    Great ideas … I can add some efficiency … take the dues directly from our taxes (as you said I guess) … have the union officers elected, and have them also run for the government office directly. This amounts to us voting in our officials and choosing our own candidates, instead of having them chosen for us.

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  4. Jeff Archer says:

    Hey Wormme, you remember my J.G. Wentworth comment? Seems I’m not the only one to make the connection .

    “To Obama, the matter at hand does not involve reducing the cost of government to match its revenue, or returning economic liberty to the people by lowering their tax rates. It’s a question of “paying” for tax cuts, which must therefore be something the government purchases, and dispenses to lucky citizens as a gift.

    The game was conclusively given away when Obama declared, “There’s nothing serious about a plan that claims to reduce the deficit by spending a trillion dollars on tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.”

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