The WORM explains why we’re doomed, using Sturgeon’s Law.

Via Insty, this is one of the best things I’ve ever read. It eviscerates the myth of management competence the way that Joe Biden destroys the idea of government competence.  But let’s take a step back from the specifics of business management.  Look at all the other occupations that share management’s main trait.

Because in reality they’re all the same thing.

Here’s some fields in which competence is assumed, all evidence to the contrary: government, law, management, education, economics, scholarship, and all journalistic media.

Notice what they all have in common?  As a primary feature?

Jaw flappin’, tongue waggin’, hot air spewin’ talkety talk talk words blah blah blah.

“Them that can, do.  Them that can’t, teach.”  And manage and report and govern. But you don’t hear that adage anymore, do you?  The Talkers have brainwashed people into thinking they’re Doers as well.

I expect this is the thing that actually brings down Western Civilization.  The Doers letting the Talkers take over the Doings.  

The chin-waggin’ industries want “ex cathedra” status for their every mumble.  How do they repay?  By finding nothing but fault in the Doers:  industries, energy production, “big box” stores, etc., all the way down to the evil of the Happy Meal.

This still wouldn’t have spelled civilization’s doom, had the Talkies remained apart.  Journalism in particular is supposed to report on lies and wrongdoing.   And they do so with gusto, when investigating Doers.  Do you ever see them going after fellow Talkers like that?  They’re in cahoots.  Total…cahoots.   

It’s not a formal conspiracy, of course.  The Talkers are far too incompetent and loud-mouthed to keep a thing like that secret.  

It’s just that talky professions build these houses of cards, where the cards are lies.  When a Talker contradicts himself…so that it’s not theoretically possible he’s correct…and gets away with it, another card is added.

Over time the separate Talky houses merged together.  You need something to shore up your current argument (never mind that it’s a lie)?  Why, looky here!  A scholarly essay supporting your position (never mind that it’s a lie). 

A few generations of that, in a society so wealthy it can pay millions of people to do nothing but talk, and behold!  The Mansion of Lies.  Actually The “World-Girdling Edifice of Deceit”.  And it towers as high as it is broad and deep.

Do you really expect the Talkers to play Jenga with that? 

But they can’t stop adding to it, either.  Their crowning achievement was the election of Barack Obama as the Chief Executive of the United States.  He won the job with sheer Talk.  And how he Talked.  Talk of bringing peace, of lowering the very oceans. 

But there is no evidence of him having any talent but Talk.  And truly, he’s not even very good at that.  He simply adds cards to the House of Lies with every breath.  Badly chosen cards placed in most precarious locations.  

So the House today is not only larger than ever, it’s increasingly shaky.  The debt Talkers have run up can’t just be Talked away.  They feast today on resources borrowed against the Doers’ tomorrows.  And the Doers’ childrens’ tomorrows.

How desperate are they now?  Some of them now claim this $39 billion tax “cut” is akin to going back to slavery.  Got that?  Talkers obligating America’s children to repay $14,000,000,000,000 isn’t slavery.  Doers trying to reduce their children’s burden is slavery.  

Newspeak, in a word. 

Newspeak is the terminus of all talky professions allowed to police themselves.  And by letting them merge and take over, we’ve probably caused this.   It’s our fault, not the Talkers.  We let them get away with increasingly obvious lies.  What, you think they can stop themselves?

Oh, and what is Sturgeon’s Law?  It’s why any “self-policed” organization stinks.


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17 Responses to The WORM explains why we’re doomed, using Sturgeon’s Law.

  1. Engineer Bob says:

    You are not alone in your ranting about this.

    The book “Intellectuals and Society” by Thomas Sowell goes on at length on this topic, how the “word” people have done severe damage over the last Century.

    There are many reviews and discussions about it scattered over the web…

  2. oldHP says:

    Here’s an excellent description of what motivates the progressives / socialists / liberal demorats:

    “all economic organizations involve at least some degree of power, and power always pisses people off. That is the human condition. At the end of the day, it isn’t a new world order that the management theorists are after; it’s the sensation of the revolutionary moment. They long for that exhilarating instant when they’re fighting the good fight and imagining a future utopia. What happens after the revolution—civil war and Stalinism being good bets—could not be of less concern.”

  3. Ahem. I am a talker. It’s not the title “talker” that’s the problem. It’s what the talker talks about. What you’re bemoaning is the fact that most of ’em talk garbage.

    Hm. “Talk” is sounding strange in my ear now. talk talk talk talk talk tok tok

    • wormme says:

      Smock smock smock. You had to remind me of Hobbes.

      I believe the problem is Talkers convincing themselves that they’re Doers. I’ll spin b.s. about anything, but rarely forget than I’m not actually a brian surgeon brain surgeon.

      “It’s not like this is Brian Surgery!” For some reason that inanity charms me. Thanks, Lin, for inspiring it.

  4. MAW says:

    While reading this a good example of what happens when talkers and takers chase doers away came to mind. Detroit

    • wormme says:

      Good example. And who do they blame? “Right-to-work” states! How dare they choose a different path than one that ends in Detroit’s fate?

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  6. Mountainbear says:

    Say Wormy, what do you think about the entire birth certificate thing that’s now going on with Trump?

    I think it’s BS, great distraction though. The media’s over Trump and him screaming “birth certificate!”, while nobody’s really slamming Obama over his domestic policies. It’s brilliant.

    • wormme says:

      For starters, the only Constitutional requirements for President is to be a native-born American age 35 or older. I say candidates be required to keep their birth certificates on their persons at all time while campaigning, the same way I have to have my driver’s license when on the road.

      So I’m totally sympathetic to the birthers, while also agreeing with your take on it.

      And as long as we get to pick the foreigner, I have no problem flouting this particular law. Ergo: John Howard for POTUS!

      Australia can have Obama.

    • midwest bill says:

      I kinda like that Trump isn’t afraid to question Obama’s integrity, though it might serve as distraction from terrible policy. Indeed most of Obama’s past is in the shadows.

      The most interesting questions I saw on his birth were about his parents. Mom apparently went to Oregon like two weeks after giving birth, and was enrolled in classes. Nobody seems to remember her and supposed Daddy together. Some speculate his grandpa’s socialist friend Frank Davis could be the Dad, or other possibilities. Obama’s own writings suggest some strange connections. I think he wrote even he didn’t really want to delve into some of that past.

      Demonizing birthers or tea partiers seems standard procedure for getting rid of people that ask uncomfortable questions about Obama’s past. 20 years in Wright’s church, yet he never knew about his black theology or anti-American sermons. If he can deny that, I guess he figures he can tell any lie he wants, and denounce any that dare question him.

  7. midwest bill says:

    This a an intriguing topic. Orwell seemed to understand things pretty well. I wonder if this is something intrinsic in western civilizations, or all. I suppose even tyrants like to proclaim they are doing great things for the little people, but don’t have to bother with the paperwork so much. … throw a big parade or circus, while masses continue to die in the slums.

    OldHP’s quote is interesting. Obama’s team praises Chavez or Mao, for their ability to control the press or the little people. Most big media here is so in love with the left, it seems the message is largely controlled there as well. In their zeal for communist nirvana and/or personal power, talkers somehow gloss over the destruction of individual freedom.

    In practice, it would seem our constitutional and capitalist system is largely destroyed already. Unless you have a lawyer on retainer (and kept happy with regular payments) and/or a politician or lobbyist that will take your calls, you are a second class citizen. I see the lawyers and layers of unnecessary bureaucracy as the “boots on the ground” troops for the top layer talkers. (and remember Obama stated he wanted an internal force as powerful and well funded as our military)

    If the doers expect justice, they have to pay up front. To even talk back to the talkers, doers have to take them to court. A seat at the beginners table might be $30,000, and it goes up from there. But that doesn’t mean the doer wins, it just means they might get back part of what the talkers took (usually not worth the legal fees). I understand we have thirty times as many lawyers per capita as Japan.

    If the talkers/scammers ever gave the doers a fair shake, their house of cards would soon fall, and many of them would be off to prison. While our legal system is corrupted, the structure is still there if the right people were in charge.

    Could another election of tea party types get us massive criminal investigations and prosecutions? For the first tea party, throwing tea was just a start … for decades the talkers have trampled on the 70% that are outraged. They’d rather sink the whole ship than surrender control. It won’t be easy.

    • wormme says:

      Your points about the legal setup are why I believe the way to beat our fellow citizens/tyrants is to ruthlessly break their will with their own weapon. Their demand for deficit spending financially enslaves children. So we need to start calling them “child slavers” to their face, call them nothing but “enslavers of children”, and never stop until they cease enslaving children.

      No negotiations and no warnings. Just say, “you enslave children,” first, loudly, and often. Don’t make your case (they don’t!) just announce the verdict. When they demand proof, give it to them: $50,000 federal debt per child, and the slavers are trying to add another $5,000 to that total for this year alone.

      I guarantee this would work if all freedom-loving Americans did this without batting an eye at progressive outrage and without letting them change the subject. We don’t stop calling them slavers until they quit deficit spending.

  8. Sam E says:

    midwest bill says:
    “This a an intriguing topic. Orwell seemed to understand things pretty well. I wonder if this is something intrinsic in western civilizations, or all. I suppose even tyrants like to proclaim they are doing great things for the little people, but don’t have to bother with the paperwork so much. … throw a big parade or circus, while masses continue to die in the slums.”

    From my experience in an Eastern “Communist” Society, I tend to believe it is general human nature rather than, something intrinsic in western civilizations. Note, now that Viet Nam and China are authoritarian oligarchies instead of real “Communist” states, they seem to be doing better than previously. Asia times has a brief but good piece on Viet Nam(I haven’t been there since last Wednesday), so my boots on the ground experience is starting to be getting dated.

    I have no boots on the ground experience in China, just book learning. Still this rather long article does present an interesting look at China and Mao.

    Bottom line, I believe that something intrinsic in western civilizations grants a limited degree of immunity. Winston Churchill, after a laundry list of issues of things wrong with democracy that puts what has been said here to shame, concluded with, “Democracy’s only saving grace is that every other system of governance in the history of the world has proven to be even worse.”

    Personally, both from reading both Orwell and Churchill, I think that Churchill understood the issues better. Churchill also had quite a bit of hands on and boots on the ground from the pointy end of the stick back to being the brain controlling the pointy stick.

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