White Southern guy examining racial issues…what could go wrong?

You’ve probably seen the reports that Obama’s popularity is, for the first time, falling among blacks and Hispanics. Mr. Fernandez calls it “cash register” issues, which is true. But that’s not as precise as it could be. Since puny humans started in with the race angle (no blaming this ‘Bama boy!) here’s where to look:

Urban blacks versus rural blacks.

My take on Obama is…100% absolute pure “city mouse”. He makes Eva Gabor look like Daisy Duke. He doesn’t cotton to rural America, he doesn’t want to set foot in rural America, and he doesn’t give a Bull’s Number Two about how his policies affect rural America.

So forget race. Obama’s fallen “black” support is from country mice realizing that Obama looks at them as they do livestock: a resource to be utilized.

Seriously. Where does Obama hang, with big-city white boyz or overall-wearing black farmers?

Oh, you may know that I’ve given up all social hope. So the only woman I’ve ever loved will probably remain the only one. She was (is still, hopefully) an incredible black woman. And I couldn’t win her. All I have left from that is an undying hatred of the Democratic Party.

The Ass Party is why this blog even exists. Because I fell in love with a black woman.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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8 Responses to White Southern guy examining racial issues…what could go wrong?

  1. Mountainbear says:

    Black, white, yellow, red, green with pink dots… doesn’t matter to me. Well, okay, those green guys with their punk dots, watch out for them, you can’t trust them and they can’t drive.

    I think Obama hangs only with one kind of race, or better said species. It’s green, relatively small, and most of them look the same. Their names are One, Five, Ten, Fifty, etc. Of course, there isn’t much money to get from farmers, so the city yuppies are better for people who want power and money (and ultimately, that’s what all politicians want.) Not to mention that the city population is pretty large, lots of people in small space, and those can be reached easier in larger masses. Makes it more interesting for the “usual suspects.”

    This whole thing with “race” is nonsense anyway. Skin color =/= race. It’s interesting. Some DNA tests have shown that the genetic diversity among mankind is actually pretty small. Too small to warrant “race” at all. In fact, it seems that there is more genetic diversity in a herd of 50 monkeys than among all of mankind.

    We’re all Homo sapiens sapiens. And that’s it.

    But the problem is, that people on both sides of the “race” fence won’t drop the “race ideology”.

    Racism isn’t possible, since there are no different human races. There is no Homo sapiens sapiens albinus, no Homo sapiens sapiens negrus. Just Homo sapiens sapiens. There is an Ursus Alpinus, but that’s a different story.

    I don’t judge people by skin color. I don’t judge people by gender. When I was IT chief, I had a simple policy: the best qualified one gets the job. We were still plenty of white guys, since, well… not many women get into this area, and Austria is pretty white.

    The woman I love is Japanese (she’s actually a quarter English, or was it American, I forgot, oivech.) Race is irrelevant, but tell that to either side of the “race fence”.

    • wormme says:

      I wouldn’t say race is irrelevant, or should be. By that I mean there’s nothing wrong with being fascinated by ethnicity, your own or anyone else’s. So it’s not irrelevant as a legitimate interest. Of couse, I know you mean it’s irrelevant to a person’s worth. I agree.

      You should judge people based on their height.

    • midwest bill says:

      Certainly “race” is not a scientific term, but a social one. It seems most useful as a means for advancing divisive politics. But there are rather large differences in people of different cultural backgrounds, which often relates to skin color. Observed inequalities might be due to diet, disease, small gene pools … any number of things.

      Race is really just an extended family, with a whole lot of fuzzy divisions. People do tend to separate based on color though, and forcing integration hardly seems natural or any better than demanding segregation. But it is true that races have different bell curves for IQ levels, athletic abilities, or other traits. Asians supposedly test the best, and blacks dominate many sports. For whatever reason, white people have dominated in Western Civilization.

      But yeah, the best person should get the job that fits them. Demanding a racial quota system in the rad tech field might not make any more sense than demanding proportional representation in the NBA. Discriminating in favor of a race just means another race is discriminated against.

      I don’t see too much racism against blacks now, but there are many racist laws, demanding special opportunity or adjustment of test scores based on race, to achieve the “proper” racial mix. Advancing the less competent based on race only genders strife … and inefficiency.

      But our “post racial” president seems intent on stirring up his Rev. Wright’s black theology, with special race based redistribution. He’s still playing the race card, when most of America has quit that game. Of all the things that need to be fixed, it’s too bad our prez’ has to try to divide us. It seems Europe is catching on a little, that requiring diversity is not a strength.

      • wormme says:

        The racism is the affirmation action laws. “Poor dears, they can’t compete on an even footing” is just as racist as “screw all blacks/browns/reds/yellows/whites”.

  2. Xpat says:

    I hesitate to tread on the inner sanctum of a broken heart.

    Maybe they should categorize heartbreaks like they do nuclear disasters. You’ve got your Three Mile Island situations, with a lot of noise and fuss but little in the way of discernable long term damage. Then you got your level 5 or 6 disasters like Fukushima, with mass evacuations and ugly, messy long term repercusions that may nonetheless be salvagable after a year or two. Then, there are the Chernobyls, the tangled sarcophagi of steel and concrete spewing radioactive waste across vast swaths of earth, and rendering the nearby surroundings unfit for human habitation for a generation or two.

    I’ve had one at least between a Fukushima and a Chernobyl, but I don’t know if I’ve gone the full Chernobyl.

    I’m feeling for you, Worm. I’ll put you on the prayer list. A good guy like you deserves a second Spring of live and love.

    • wormme says:

      Oh, this was years ago. The sharp pain is long gone, just a residual ache remains. Oh, and a fervent desire to break Spike Lee’s and Robert Byrd’s noses simultanteously, but the logistics of that have gotten pretty tricky.

      Thank you, xpat, but please don’t pray for me to find someone. What has this poor stranger done to deserve such a fate?

      • Xpat says:

        Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking. My bad!

        But don’t worry. I’m going to send an errata up to Heaven when I settle on a replacement. World peace? Or how about, that you will always be wearing Wellies and not Buster Browns when you go sloshing around in those spent fuel rod pools.

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