Channel WORM S-35 now off the air.

We now conclude our broadcast day. Thank you for patronizing WORM TV. Wait. Thanks for your patronage of WORM TV. Better.

Comments are always welcome on any thread. New commenters and multi-link remarks will be approved ASAP, ASAP generally being later on the weekends.

We also note, only now, a number of comments that escaped our notice earlier. There were remarks both informative and touching, and we regret having missed them.

Accounts remain at odds over the state of reactor and pool containments, and earlier efforts to seal a concrete crack had little success. Extremely high water dose rates continue to hamper the responses. We hope and pray our Japanese neighbors’ situation improves quickly.

We end our night in San Juan, Puerto Rico. May your coming day be blessed.

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2 Responses to Channel WORM S-35 now off the air.

  1. Sue says:

    I’m starting to see news reports saying the bodies of the two workers that have been missing since March 11th have been found. One report says they were recovered from the basement of the turbine building at Reactor #4 with external injuries and death may have been from blood loss. RIP.

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