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Probably the best news from Fukushima to date.

Camera inspection of Unit #4 spent fuel pool revealed no significant fuel damage.  Some debris was scattered in the pond as a result of the damage to the building but it is thought that fuel integrity has been maintained. Also good news, … Continue reading

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Minimizing the threat of a third-party Trump.

(UPDATE:  Instalanches are like manna from heaven.  Thank you, Professor.) Assumption:  Donald Trump is motivated not by superego, but by ego. Ah, hell.  It’s probably the id and we all know it. If you agree, read on.  If not, run along to Obama’s … Continue reading

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TEPCO came very close to overdosing two workers.

They were the “beta burn” workers, naturally. The very first sentence of the report has a doozy of a mistake: …workers at the crisis-hit facility had been exposed to radiation levels close to legal yearly limit of 250 millisieverts. That … Continue reading

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Channel WORM Cr-48 now on the air.

Greetings from Sidney, Australia.  Thank you for joining us! Today our editorial goal is to trump Trump.  Of course we’ll also look for any changes at Fukushima, reporting as needed.

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Channel WORM Bk-249 now off the air.

Thanks for joining us.  Your comments are always welcome. Our studio staff is too tired for a proper daily recap.  Please be assured that we feel guilty about it.  Goodnight and God bless, from Garden City NY:

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Who wins in a vote between right-handers and left-handers?

ace has a typically excellent essay up about the problems with the Donald, beyond him dropping “F-bombs” in a public speech. But Trump is also  doing something essential to winning without physical conflict:  attacking with the left’s own weapon.  No, not the F Word; emotional … Continue reading

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But of course the tornado victims are to blame.

Anthropogenic climate change deniers have it coming.  Yep, I can see how this makes perfect sense to people who think CO2 is the driver of global temperature even when CO2 rises and the temperature falls. And of course they enjoy red … Continue reading

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Nuclear cart before the atomic horse.

TEPCO issued a statement regarding improvements to be made in earthquake safety standards. WTFukushima?  There probably was massive damage from the quake, but it’s the tsunami that caused the nuclear disaster.  They’d have been able to shut down with the … Continue reading

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There’s no test of American wills more important than this one.

Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina, unloads beautifully on the Administration here.  But it’s going to take more than that.  We’ll have to physically kick a lot of unions asses to win. Don’t worry, I’m not proposing we attack them.  But they’ll … Continue reading

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Is Fukushima filtering or diluting the spent fuel pool water?

Checked TEPCO’s press page, they released their latest analysis of the pool water.  Even accounting for two half-lives of I-131, the activity is considerably less today than it was 16 days ago.  It’s not a huge difference, I’m  just curious … Continue reading

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