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Channel WORM Rb-83 ends another broadcast day.

Thank you for your patronage. Your comments are always welcome wherever you care to speak. New and link-intensive comments are approved at the start of every broadcast. Tonight we’ve learned that those exposed to radiation are to be ostracized by … Continue reading

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When the “radiation/contamination” farce becomes a travesty.

This blog has mentioned the difference between “radiation” and “contamination”, hasn’t it?  Sure feels like it has.  Oh, right.  Last post.  And many before it.  It’s grimly amusing in good times, when there’s luxury to be ignorant. This is not one … Continue reading

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“Radiation” found in U.S. milk.

The Wall Street Journal is one of the best media outlets there is.  And even they can’t get past the “radiation/contamination” Wall of Confusion. Okay, technically radiation can be found “inside” milk…if the milk is inside your instrument, say a liquid … Continue reading

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Help! Any WordPressers here?

I’m trying to get WordPress to stop emailing me notice for every single post and comment.  Hadn’t checked the yahoo email for a while, and there were 779 emails!  Only a couple of which weren’t self-generated. Thought I’d managed to … Continue reading

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Hey look, this noted PhD is only a week behind us! Oh, also he’s wrong.

Well looky here.  A Dr. Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress apparently wants that sweet, sweet media luvin’, and he’s casting about for ways to get it. So.  Grab the “ZOMG neutrons!” report (for which there is no followup), mix liberally with “Cl-38…really??” (also … Continue reading

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Excellent Fukushima site photos here, which is something, I guess.

This article repeats the “reactor #2 is lost” meme, but if there’s any new proof I missed it. The pictures are very good, though. The emergency limit is still 250 mSv (25 rem), right? So, “suicide squads”. Good grief. I … Continue reading

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Does al-Qaeda really have nuclear weapons?

160 nuclear bombs worth? Very, very doubtful. Would they like to spread nuclear crap all over the place? Of course. So does al-Qaeda have radioactive material? If they want it, I don’t see how they could avoid having it. Quite … Continue reading

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A couple of reader tidbits for now.

Very busy at work, having to do surveys faster than I can write them up. But an interesting little instrument “dead time” issue came up that required a few minutes “MacGuyvering”. That’s always fun. Anyway, probably won’t be much posting … Continue reading

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Channel WORM Xe-135 now on the air.

Good morning to all, as we begin another roller-coaster ride on the sensationalistic media. We’ve not even checked on the “melt-through” story yet, because even if untrue it’s still circulating as a story somewhere. Several comments were just approved, sorry … Continue reading

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Channel WORM Kr-85 now off the air.

This is an early closing of our irregularly scheduled broadcast. Our staff is exhausted after watching the second half of Krull. Comments are always welcome, on any and all threads. Approvals for held-up comments are always provided ASAP the next … Continue reading

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