What’s the name of the stuff that emits radiation?

CBS report here about the radioiodine found in U.S. milk. The subtitle?

In the U.S., the fear of radiation from Japan is so great that even figures meant to reassure can instead cause alarm

It’s amazing what a half-century of emotional fear mongering can do.

The amount of radioactive iodine…was so small that it did not rise above the normal background level of radiation.

Er…if it was below background variation…how did they see it? And the ideal time to educate people about the wide range of natural radiation is not in the middle of an emergency.

Still, it’s the first evidence that radiation from Japan’s damaged nuclear plant is making it directly into food

Radiation making it into the food, eh?  Like this? What, Japan’s “radiation” worse than Occidental radiation?


What’s that?  Oh, it’s the material in the food, emitting radiation, that’s the concern?

Too bad we don’t have a name for that stuff.

They also have a video about America’s debate over nuclear waste.  But it’s all I can do to read the “news”, it’s almost impossible to watch.  Plus there was this,

…the debate over where to put it boils down to politics, not science

Oh goody!  Pass.

And here’s a column about the response workers, much of it in their own words.

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4 Responses to What’s the name of the stuff that emits radiation?

  1. DefendUSA says:

    In that article link, did you notice the photo of the dosimeter? I have heard people bashing TEPCO and it makes me angry. These same people are ignorant and don’t have good info to cipher through. I am on the side of the people who have had to put everything aside to save others and they are not running. THAT makes them heroes no matter what.

    • wormme says:

      My vision must be going. I can’t see any dosimeters on that page, just the uSv meter at bottom.

      • DefendUSA says:

        My bad…My brain was paying attention to the “little” (read micro) u. I meant to note the *measure* and to ask if that had a different name than a dosimeter and you answered the question. 🙂

        • wormme says:

          Well, if it can track absorbed dose, as well as measure rates, it IS a dosimeter. But that looks strictly like a meter.

          It will also have a dial we can’t see, with settings like “1x”, “10x”, and so forth, it may have a “0.1x” and one even below that. The dose rate they’re in is probably at least 0.2uSv, but could be multiples of ten higher.

          I wouldn’t bet on it being on a high setting if journalists are standing around photographing it.

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