Some reader comments, reverse chrono order, Part-1.

Some may be a bit dated due to the WordPress meltdow…wasn’t trying to be funny there. The word got plenty of other use, prior to the real thing happening again.

Ronny found the new best overview on the whole Fukushima situation. Had to “zoink” one jpeg to bring here:

oldHP provides a report on a radiological “Army of Davids”. The instrument being used looks like a beta/gamma frisker with a probe type I’ve never used.  Those are very sensitive and probably a lot of people are coming up contaminated.  You could peg that instrument on its highest scale and it doesn’t mean anything life-or-health-threatening.

ol’HP also links the IAEA “Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update Log“. It has tons of info which I’m rushing past to catch up with your comments. AncientRCT also provides a good wide-ranging news report from yahoo. Thanks for keeping things going during my absence, HP!

Charlie Martin keeps catching the “milli/micro” mistake in reporting. C’mon, Charlie! They’ve only had ten days to learn a couple of terms!  These are professional journalists, remember.

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9 Responses to Some reader comments, reverse chrono order, Part-1.

  1. crosspatch says:

    Kyodo is reporting that work to restore power to unit 2 has halted:

    NEWS ADVISORY: No. 2 reactor power repair work halted, 500 millisievert per hr radiation found

    No link to story yet.

    • wormme says:

      5 rem/h. Gurgle. At least you’re not finding dose rates shifting with the wind, right?


      • crosspatch says:

        From the way this is worded, I have a feeling this rate might be inside the reactor building as they continue to attempt to restore power. This is also the one they suspect has compromised suppression pool containment from a hydrogen explosion the first week.

    • wormme says:

      Oh, good! That’s a relief.

      As far as I know, the highest accumulated dose for any worker, for the accident, is about 104 mSv. Their doses are the only important thing.

      So if you see different, please let me know!

      And thanks for the incredible work you’ve done.

  2. crosspatch says:

    Kyodo via Reuters, two workers injured at reactor #2 in operation to restore power. No other details yet (Reuters via Twitter).

  3. crosspatch says:

    Eh, I am just perusing the Japanese news sources attempting to pull out the bits of information that get lost on the US mainstream press.

    Looks like they will be testing the circulation pumps in unit #3.

  4. SomeGuy says:

    Why are you expecting reporters, who are reporters and not some useful profession because they have sub ziggy math skillz, to understand simple science and unit conversion? These people are either mathematical morons, or mathematical ignoramuses.

    In any case, these fools have likely killed far more people (by fomenting panic, inducing people to take iodine, etc…) than the disaster at Daiichi and TMI combined.

    • wormme says:

      Oh crap! Hope I’m not giving the impression that I expect competence. Quite the opposite.

      I’d find their willful ineptitude amusing if it wasn’t so harmful to innocent people.

      I’ve even tried to help:

      Dose Rate = MPH

      Dose = miles travelled.

      They all know how to drive, so now they’re all trained in reporting radiation.

  5. oldHP says:

    I saw that the Chinese are now angrily demanding refunds for all the iodized salt they bought up…

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