Reader links, comments, corrections.

Due to work, waaaaay behind on everything. Diving into comments now, oldest first.

Saw the smoke links, this one from Sparkey. Old hat by now? The earlier post on airborne is probably well-past “worst-case” for the event. If not, I’ll break out the ALL CAPS.

waytoomanydaves provided this:

(Click to enlarge.) Have yet to read it, but expect to study it.

“Skymaster” Ronny finds a “Dr. Weather Blogger” who is now done with the plume unless there’s another major explosion.

crosspatch continues with a close eye on the site’s radiation levels, says they’re still dropping (this was 11:18 eastern time). Also provided the link to the fission curve mentioned earlier.

Will you click that above link if told it was originally dubbed the “Jane Mansfield” curve, and later the “Dolly Parton” curve?

oldHP provided radiation info from the NEI, cleverly finding a report that spurned the Sv in favor of a man’s unit.

Rates at the plant site boundary range from 1 to 3 millirem per hour. Radiation dose rates in the area where fire trucks have been located are reported to be 2 to 3 rem per hour, with some isolated areas as high as 30 rem per hour.

…wait. “A man’s unit”…unintended, I swear!

Okay, let’s just go ahead and post the image everyone keeps sending:

It is great.

Finally, crosspatch has some “good news/bad news”:

4am (Tokyo) news from NHK


Sensor post
1km west (of “the facility”) 540 pm 494uSv
rose 1932uSv 1 hr later
dropped to 380uSv at 3am

Rise likely due to wind causing the “smoke” to blow toward the monitoring post.

Good news–those numbers seem lower. Oh wait! It’s one km away, not that 500 meter distance I was getting used to. Anyway, if the wind really is whipping ~ 1.5 mSv/hr. (150 mrem/hr.) materials back and forth through the air…urk.

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18 Responses to Reader links, comments, corrections.

  1. midwest bill says:

    your “who is now done with the plume” link was blocked by my Avast antivirus
    It said “malware detected”
    blocked webpage or file
    HTML: script-inf

    But the weatherundeground page still comes up

    Not sure just what that indicates
    just wanted to give you the feedback

  2. RF says:

    You need more sponsors

  3. crosspatch says:

    6am news Tokyo

    Correction on the previous report:

    “dropped to 380uSv at 3am” that should be 10pm (yesterday Tokyo time).

    Radioactive materials found in seawater includes cobalt-58 Seawater was sampled 100 meters from the plant cooling water exit. High levels of iodine and cesium also recorded. First mention of cobalt-58.

  4. crosspatch says:

    Notice this photo taken Friday (Japan time, Thursday US time)

    Notice the hole in the roof of the turbine building of #4.

  5. crosspatch says:

    7 am news (NHK)

    main gate 1km West

    540 pm 494uSv
    1932uSv 630pm
    500am 273.9uSv

    Variability due to wind changes

    yesterday at 100m offshore
    iodine 131 126.7 x national standard
    24.8 x national standard of cesium 134
    16.4 x national standard of cesium 137
    no mention in this report of cobalt 58

  6. There’s one error in that otherwise lovely chart from “waytoomanydaves”: the health effects column is apparently labeled mSv/h, dose-rate not dose. The health effects values are good, but the label is confusing.

    • wormme says:

      Welcome Charlie!

      Thanks for the correction. Been seeing the press drop “/h” off dose rates but didn’t notice the opposite here.

      And just noticed your site has some data I’ve not seen yet. So feel free to hang around here while I go prowling through your home…

  7. oldHP says:

    waytoomanydaves multi-dimensional chart is great.

    What is the abbreviation “MP” 1-4? Main Plant? Any idea physically where the reading was taken? What is the confidence that all data points came from the same detector?

    After this many days, are the detectors getting crapped up, therefore more & more guesstimated “background” to be subtracted; and who is calculating the standard deviation for accuracy loss?

    Are these detectors airborne monitors (sucking air into a chamber/filter) or just ion chambers?

    Also there is a white line on the graph, only visible at all if my screen is at a certain angle. Not labeled at all on the chart; needs its color changed too.

    • wormme says:

      Just looking at it myself. No idea about “MP”. Am I reading this right? Looks to me like the Main Gate readings peaked around 10-20 mSv/h (1-2 rem/h). And none of the others came close. As for MP 1-3, given the starts and stops, it could be the same instrument. If it’s not sleeved and changed, agreed. They’ve probably got crapped-up detectors. Well, at least that’s conservative…

      And what’s with that little rust-colored line, around 4 PM on 3-14, at around a 0.08 mSv/h dose rate?

      Not related to the accident, the chart assigns radon 2-4 mSv (200-400 mrem) annual dose. That’s way too high except for folks having serious buildup.

  8. oldHP says:

    The hole is in the roof of Rx #3 Turbine Building. See key:

    Somewhere during the first couple days I read a suggestion that the hydrogen used to cool the main generator exploded in the turbine building.

    Did the walls collapse below turbine deck? I see 3 “layers” of girders exposed but don’t know how tall each is.

  9. poul says:

    what’s so great about XKCD image? the radiation aroung fukushima is what…10 000 times higher now than indicated? 100 000? let alone we have no idea what’s the radiation next to the daiichi reactor core, so the chernobyl’s one is kinda unfair. i am willing to bet they’re not much different, given their “core on the floor” status.

    damn half-educated polyanna geeks…

    • wormme says:

      Probably it’s the visual representation. Most people prefer that to text-heavy explanations. And, as an “xkcd” fan myself, I’ve probably undergone extensive psychological conditioning…

      You’re right that it useless when the dose assumptions are no longer good.

  10. crosspatch says:

    “The hole is in the roof of Rx #3 Turbine Building. See key”

    Ok, the caption on that picture in another location said #3 was on the left, that makes better sense that it is #3 with the hole in the roof.

  11. crosspatch says:

    News conference to begin in a few minutes

    I have to bail to play kid taxi for a bit.

  12. crosspatch says:

    Delayed an hour, will start in about 15 minutes.

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