Acknowledging Libya first.

What is it but war?

This site will stick to Fukushima and its fallout for now, barring another quantum leap in violence. A lot of people are rightfully concerned about contamination reaching our shores, and I can shed more light on that than in playing REMF.

Is keeping up with the Libyan situation your priority today? I always recommend getting serious news via trustworthy citizen, not solely through the “news” networks themselves.

I’d never thought about this before. If I had to pick one word to best describe the great citizen reporters/commentators?


Started to say that they “filter”, but that’s asinine. Of course they filter. All of us filter most everything in our lives.  Timothy Leary on the biggest LSD bender of all time still ignored more things than he was “tuned” in to.

Good commentators filter in the sense that we all do.  Their time, energy, and perceptions are limited.  Meaning you can only be certain of seeing things that interest them.

Given that?  They pass things on unchanged, but now “tagged”.  Perhaps with the economy of a “heh” or “ouch”, or perhaps with the World’s Most Epic Fisking

Find a citizen reporter/commentator who “clicks” for you, and you’ve a personal news analyst team. And by that, I don’t mean they analyze news (though all do).  They analyze “news”. Is it?  Is it news?  Or propaganda? Factually clean or error-riddled? 

So much for the big windup.  Are you following the Libyan situation?  Here’s folks I trust to tag my military news.

The ace community.


stacy and smitty. Stacy won’t focus exclusively on Libya, and smitty sometimes has other things on his plate, over in Afganistan.  But very good. (And I must link geekbait: Obama = Elric?)

May throw up more if anyone wants. Hey wait! You guys tell me your best and most trustworthy milblogs, I’ll put up a link post.

Now it’s time to play REMF:

Radiological Emergency Management Faultfinder.

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4 Responses to Acknowledging Libya first.

  1. Mountainbear says:

    Libya… I expect it to go down the same road as Somalia or the Balkans. Complete and utter chaos. Eventually we’ll have to deploy ground forces, the EU will be totally overwhelmed and will whine at the US for help. And ultimately there won’t be a solution, just like in the Balkans.

    Can’t say I care. If Momo is removed, some other dictator will take over. These “revolutions” are not about freedom or democracy. They are only about power. The anti-Momo folks, if they win, will kill the pro-Momo folks, just like the pro-Momo folks are now killing the anti-Momo folks. It’s a huge mess, let them kill each other.

    Heck, take Egypt. Where is the freedom and democracy? I hear the Copts there fear that their entire situation will actually worsen now.

    • wormme says:

      I wonder if it’d been different if we’d come in back when we should have, if we were going to. When it looked like the insurrection had a chance by itself.

      I doubt it would matter. Except in making our leadership look less weak and indecisive than it does now.

  2. smitty says:

    Smitty loves him a good backronym!

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