Ratings improved during overnight shutdown?

From an undisclosed Chicago location we resume broadcasting. Thanks to the aceofspades community, (which I love like a creepy little Ewok) my overnight Nielsens ratings went up during the station shutdown. Top that, 1970’s television!

So, new readers and commenters, welcome! I just approved new comments, and you guys should be able to comment freely now. I read every comment, respond to as many as I can, and quite often take a commenter’s concern and expand on it in a post.

I’m a science/Sci-Fi geek who’s been a radiological control technician for a quarter-century.  My field experience is broad, deep, and occasionally outright weird. And an increasing number of very impressive minds here catch mistakes, point out omissions, expand on analyses, post links, etc.

With them here, I’m willing to say there’s not a better public forum for radiological concerns on the ‘Net. If you have those concerns, bring them here.

And, via The Big Guy himself, our Navy assets giving aid and support to Japan.

Let me get up to speed on Fukushima’s current status, then I’ll address your comments. BRB.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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6 Responses to Ratings improved during overnight shutdown?

  1. SDH says:

    Well done W.O.R.M. I just wanted to thank you for all the work you’ve been doing, especially over the past week.

  2. waytoomanydaves says:

    “With them here, I’m willing to say there’s not a better public forum for radiological concerns on the ‘Net.”

    I will back you up on that. I’ve been poking around all week, and I think this is the best place I’ve found to get things explained on a level that a high school puke like me can understand, without having it dumbed-down to the point of inanity. I’ve learned more about this stuff here than I have in a lifetime of casual reading.

    I’m a history buff, and I suffer from a morbid fascination with the Manhattan Project. Over the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to visit both the Trinity Site and the B Reactor. I wish I could have been armed with what I’ve learned here before those trips.

    BTW, I finally had to register when I discovered there’s about 3 different “daves” here. I’m the “Birds?” guy, just so you know.

    • wormme says:

      Funny! And smart name change. With the expansion and exhaustion this week, I’m probably confusing half the commenters with the other half.

  3. TimB52 says:

    One of Ace’s morons here. Nice place you have.

    Living here in Oregon, it’s great to find an accurate information source regarding this radiation business. You were right on with your wolfwolfwolf post. The news guys are just so full of s**t is isn’t funny. The Civil War posts were very good as well. You’re now on my daily list. I don’t comment much, but I’ll stop by every day.


    • wormme says:

      Great to have you!

      The aosHQ community is…unique. I don’t dip into it much because it’s both addicting and deep. Bounce between a thread or two, make a comment here and there…then glance up and see you’re looking at four hours sleep, tops.

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