Reader and news links.

“DHP” offers some human stories amid all the numbers and theory. Good Samaritans here. Harrowing experience of a Fukushima worker here.

They did have emergency lighting. I couldn’t imagine how they wouldn’t, but I never imagined unmonitored fuel pools either.

Sparkey found the JAIF’s (english) page where you can find the present and past reactor status “snapshots”, and other info.

Earlier, RF found some modest good news about getting water in on a reactor.

It’s possible the level of pool water used for cooling nuclear fuel was reduced…(snipped)…The company says it saw steam billowing from the building after the water injection.

If you see “billowing steam” upon adding water, there’s no question the level had been reduced.  RF also pointed to the Nuclear Energy Institute, which is updating a links page.

Okay, looking now for the latest from Big News…

CNN report here, post at 6:53 Eastern.

Experts believe that boiling steam rising from that pool, which contains at least partially exposed fuel rods, may be releasing radiation into the atmosphere.

Giving that combo, they are releasing contamination.  It just may be very minor in the whole scheme of things.

Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said 17 of 18 workers checked Thursday morning tested normal, and the one who received a higher dose of radiation required no medical treatment.

I don’t understand that at all.   You can’t “test” someone for radiation exposure.  You test for symptoms.  Starting with white blood cell depletion, and on into the horror show of truly massive doses.  Transfusing white blood cells wouldn’t start below 100 rem (1 Sv) and I didn’t think they were letting them get there. 

The “dose of record” method is a TLD.  As that doesn’t give real-time information, other dosimeters are also used, that you can check while in the radiation areas.  We use EPDs (electronic personal dosimeters) that register down to 0.1 mrem ( 1 microsievert).

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