Choppers and cannons–We are off the map.

Good morning.

I’ve had a lot of emergency training for a lot of different situations. What they’re doing at Fukushima is waaaay beyond anything we got into. My real and simulated emergency responses always felt like…well, emergency responses. The exercises for meltdowns and massive radiological terrorism felt epic, were epic, but still unfolded like a “regular” emergency. That’s an oxymoron, but you emergency responders know what I mean.

This feels like we’re witnessing a war.

You know the old trope, “fire is a living thing”? Hollywood uses it regularly in movies like Backdraft, crazed arsonists whispering intently about their beloved.

Fire is hypnotic, but I never found it “living” even as a little pyromaniacal child. And I sure don’t see life in radioactive decay.

But damn it, this feels less and less like a response and more like a war. A series of battles with an implacable foe. We win on one front and our enemy opens another.

Now who knows, as I write this the good guys be routing that enemy on all fronts. But ever since the explosions in the fuel pools–more about them here–Fukushima has been like no emergency I’ve ever been in or even studied.

I should be able to get in some posts in from work, and more in-depth this evening.

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5 Responses to Choppers and cannons–We are off the map.

  1. abUWS says:

    Comments from someone who studied the possible effects of nuclear accidents at Sandia.

    Not good stuff. He seems to think that a full meltdown could involve breaches of the reactor containment and massive steam explosions as the core hits the water at the bottom of the reactor building.

  2. Mountainbear says:

    Status of Fukushima #1 power station as of 21:30, March 17, 2011
    “Operation for filling the pool with water at unit-3”
    NHK news reported on the operations conducted today for filling the pool with
    water at unit-3 as follows:
    Water level is low at the spent fuel pools of unit-3. Considering possibility of
    damage to fuel rods in the pool outside the containment vessel, operation for
    filling the pool with water were conducted three times.
    * 1st operation
    Japan Self-Defense Forces dropped 4 huge buckets of seawater from helicopters
    in this morning. Lead plates were installed at the bottom of the helicopters to
    shield radiation and crew members wore radiation protection suits.
    * 2nd operation
    The National Police Agency tried to pour water from the ground with pumper
    truck in the evening. However, they were not able to come close because of high
    radiation and water did not reach the pool.
    * 3rd operation
    Japan Self-Defense Forces poured 30 tons of water from the ground with 5
    special pumper trucks from 19:45 to 20:09. Because these trucks are special, they
    were able to do this operation without getting off the trucks. Effect of this
    operation is under evaluation.

    Click to access ENGNEWS01_1300368607P.pdf

    Meanwhile the MSM completely ignore the plight of the displaced people. I hear of refugee shelters being close to run out of food. Heavy snowfall and temperatures hitting below freezing point, while gasoline and other material is also running out.

    Personally I’m getting abit sick about all the “what could happen” style reporting outside of Japan. It doesn’t do us any good and just fuels the radiation scare that has already hit our shores, thanks to irresponsible journalists and stupid politicians. As a result, for example, Geiger counters are sold out in Germany (globes and maps apparently aren’t, which explains a lot.) And when looking at how the Green party in Germany and the enviro-nitwits, pardon, environmentalists, almost celebrate this disaster… Seriously, going by the reactions I’ve seen one could assume that those buggers want Fukushima to blow up and irradiate half of Japan. Then they can say “We’re right! You’re wrong! Neener! Neener!”

    • Ronny says:

      Disaster coverage often seems like the media is on the side of chaos rather than humanity. Put some ideologically minded people in front of the camera who can profit from the tragedy in some way, and the cheerleading for death and destruction to win the day becomes almost palpable.

      • wormme says:

        In the great novel “Steel Beach”, John Varley offered up the ultimate reporter’s question: “So, little girl, how you feel when the man chopped off your daddy’s head?”

    • wormme says:

      Very informative, thanks you.

      Maybe if in WWII we had nuked Germany they would have found a smidgeon of Japan’s stoicism.

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