Are these folks your peers?

Via Insty, datechguy relates what it’s like to interact with passionate leftists.

They might as well be screaming “Unlike you evil m*****f*****s, we’re compassionate!”

Seriously, read their comments. Then ask yourself whether you should treat them as peers. I say no. They’re not your mental or moral peers, they’re choosing not to grow up, but they’re also not your children.

What’s that hot, trendy new phrase? “Prepping the babblespace.”

Wait. Battlespace. Prepping the battlespace. Right.

First, look around. We are separating from these loathsome hate-filled tyrants. And we’re not “drifting apart”, we’re “tearing apart”. Would you like this to be the first peaceful such separation in history? Start pointing it out:

“Maybe our differences are irreconcilable. So we should separate. Do you agree?”

When they don’t, point to things like datechguy’s experience and note that we’re already going separate ways. Ask them how we can reconcile, then. Since this idea has never occurred to them, they’ll fumblingly try to make a demand for unconditional surrender sound reasonable. So thank them for answering your question about irreconcilable differences.

Then sum things up the way they actually are:

Our differences are irreconcilable.

We are going separate ways.

The inevitable divorce can be amicable, or the other sort.

We seek a peaceful parting.

Your move, progressives. C’mon, listen to what you’re saying! If we’re as evil, stupid, selfish, and violent as you say we are…wouldn’t you be better off without us?

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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5 Responses to Are these folks your peers?

  1. Mazzuchelli says:

    Wormme, I’m still smarting from an exchange with an editor of a trade publication for my industry who is hosting a related blog forum. To cut and paste from the linked site:
    Just went through something similar at an industry site hosted by a supporting publication. One of the publication’s editors who’s quite famous within the industry actually took me to task for responding to a posted question. The tone he took, the insults were remarkable. To my less than 25 word comments would come a torrent a vitriol, even to the point of using the term “teabag”. Even worse, he referred to readers of the WSJ as idiots. I was stunned. Assuming he looked up my actual identify, it was even more unhinged. My reply to his initial posted question only stated that since the major player in question who recently had entered this industry was known for democratic fundraising, we might possibly hope for a break in regulatory activity. Good grief. And here I thought the site would be a fun forum for shop talking.
    Was my comment provocatively political? I didn’t think so. Tell you what, I used to feel sympathetic towards that publication since their visibility in the building was close to nil. NOW, on the other hand, I will actively but subtly work to further remove them from the premises. Jackwagon!

    • wormme says:

      Sorry to hear about the stress.

      It’s why I’m serious about floating the idea of “amicable divorce”. How will they respond? “That’s crazy talk.” It’s crazy to try to get away from people who loathe you, insult you, and demand you do as they tell you?

      Or they’ll say if we’re “allowed” to get away from them we’ll start persecuting blacks, gays, women, etc. As if those folks would go with Tea Partyers if they agreed with progressives.

      This is an increasingly abusive relationship and we cannot abase ourselves enough to make these people happy. So let’s stop trying.

      Let’s stop interacting.

  2. Mazzuchelli says:

    You’re right. We’re sort of self correcting even as I type. My better half and I used to have a fairly broad-based group of friends. Now, with the exception of relatives for which little can be done, we’ve self-selected ourselves down to a handful of like-minded conservatives. We seldom go to movies anymore, partly because there’s nothing worth seeing but also because of the ongoing insults from Hollywood types. I’m also self-selected inadvertently but happily to the last bastion of Iowa conservativism in District 5. We have a lovely if modest home on a small acreage. The weather is starting to hammer my better half’s joints, however. He asked me the other day, because I REALLY like it here, what it would take to get me out of here. I told him either a house overlooking Talladega or something around Mobile Bay. Self selecting again…

    • wormme says:

      It is a shame. Separating wouldn’t be necessary if progressives would let people live their own lives.

      Ah, but then they wouldn’t be progressives.

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