I nominate the W.O.R.M. as CEO of B.U.G.!

Unionizing isn’t a right?

I disagree.  Obviously it is.  And it’s the government’s job to ensure rights can be exercised.  Well, bloggers need assistance much more than coal miners and child laborers ever did.  Those folks produce stuff of value, so they always get at least a pittance.

Which is a pittance more than we get!

So what of us?! Shall we end up like Huffington Posters?  Toiling away as the greedy capitalist baron (Arianna) steals the fruits of our labors?

I say NAY, brothers and sisters!  It is time!  Time for the Blogger’s Union Guild!

We shall bug them on the beaches…we shall bug them on the landing grounds…we shall bug them in the fields and in the streets.

True, you’ll have to be a B.U.G. member to legally blog.  But who would want to be a B.U.G. scab anyway?  Nasty.  Oh, and naturally we’ll need dues for lobbying, and to fund day-to-day union activities…and for hiring minimum-wage picketers…and for all those exclamation points!!  

Don’t worry, it won’t be any trouble.  The government will automatically deduct dues from your paycheck and send them to the union.  The paycheck you’re not currently getting, remember!

As B.U.G.’s President and CEO, I assure my fellow bloggers that voluntary dues now ensure cushy union jobs later.  When those sweet, sweet government-collected dues start rolling in…

Join up.  You’ll have to eventually, after all.  Get in on the ground floor and rocket to the penthouse!

Above all, vote W.O.R.M.  Early and often.

(UPDATE–Linked by blazingcatfur, thanks!  Then by Lil’ Miss Attila and Stacy and thelonelyconservative, thanks also.)

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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6 Responses to I nominate the W.O.R.M. as CEO of B.U.G.!

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  3. lewwaters says:

    Thinking about this, the thought of blog trolls now paying for my benefits and retirement is just too good to pass up.

    • wormme says:

      A trolling tax, brilliant!

      After all, since the whole point of a union is to get more than fair market value, the excess has to come from somewhere. And isn’t the Ruling Class lecturing us about “civility” these days?

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