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Channel WORM Hg-197 now off the air.

Thank you for joining us on this, the last day of March of the year 2011. It will never come again. Comments are always welcome, in any thread. Those needing approval will receive our blessing as soon as their existence … Continue reading

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Oh, Canada.

Haven’t really checked on the Fukushima event through the eyes of Canada’s journalists.  Went here. They have pretty much what everyone else has. Hadn’t mentioned the “hot beef” report here yet. This is that report. First line: Japan has found … Continue reading

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What’s the name of the stuff that emits radiation?

CBS report here about the radioiodine found in U.S. milk. The subtitle? In the U.S., the fear of radiation from Japan is so great that even figures meant to reassure can instead cause alarm It’s amazing what a half-century of … Continue reading

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Geomagnetic storms and the reliability of your electricity.

oldHP included a link to a huge report on probably the greatest threat to our overall infrastructure. He says, “FEMA might be using too-conservative estimates of the problem”, but I’ve seen other beliefs that the concern is underestimated. And he’s … Continue reading

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When is it permissible to cut off someone else’s air supply?

We just finished our little birthday party on the unsuspecting German science babe. Good food and a double feature: Tangled and MegaMind. Both are excellent movies. So, we’re definitely starting to send over contractors. My little brother could swing a … Continue reading

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CBS’s “8 Terrifying Symptoms of Radiation Sickness”.

Here’s the article, looks like nine pages, so there’ll be pictures. Um…pictures of actual massive overexposures aren’t pretty. Doubt we’ll see any here. Nope, haven’t read it yet; this’ll be a drive-by blogging. But first: any ensuing mockery is not … Continue reading

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Here’s a long article with very interesting photos.

MikeW also sent a link to this wide-ranging report. Can’t read it myself just yet. But about being unwilling to collect bodies nearby due to radiation fears? I’m more sympathetic to that than refusing to treat the living. Now gotta … Continue reading

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