Torchwood–when did whining men become sexy?

Is it a metrosexual thing?

Torchwood, a spinoff of Doctor Who, is pretty entertaining. But it has one of the most “inexplicably attractive” characters ever.  In addition to being whiny, surly, insulting, and self-absorbed, “Owen” isn’t even that attractive.  But he racks up bedpost notches like crazy.

Save for one, every recurring female did him.  And Tosh, constantly mocked and belittled, desperately wants him.


It’s so bad, I must assume some wish fulfillment by a whiny, surly, self-absorbed writing staff.  The non-gay ones, anyway.

And hey, Gwen?  Dousing your boyfriend with an amnesia pill and then confessing to cheating on him? The Wisconsin unions can speak for me, for once:

UPDATE–Season 2 suddenly has waaaay too much dude-on-dude liplock.  Hey, if I wanted “Spike on Angel” action I’d search out Buffy slashfic, thank you very much.

UPDATE II–The very short (5 episodes) 3rd season, “Children of Earth”, was easily the best.  Using sychronized creepy children is crude but effective.  And it didn’t have the huge story holes Mycroft mentioned.

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6 Responses to Torchwood–when did whining men become sexy?

  1. DiogenesLamp says:

    Never watched “torchwood.” Took a serious dislike to the idea of watching it when they force fed everyone the knowledge (in the Dr. Who episode that introduced him) that Captain Jack Harkness liked to engage in sexual activity with men.

    I for one am disgusted at all the various media’s attempts at mainstreaming homosexuality.

    • wormme says:

      If this freebie Amazon Prime stuff continues, I’ll end up watching the entire Dr. Who catalog. Maybe. The early years are legendary for cheap production values, right?

      I guess hair-splitters could claim that Cap’n Jack is bisexual, not gay. Torchwood established that he has loved women. In Season One the gay stuff was winking dialogue references; Season Two is spit-swapping.

      There’d better not be a Season Three quantum leap.

      • D.J. says:

        I remember catching the occasional episode of Quantum Leap, and I remember seeing Mr. Bakula in drag. I don’t think he was ever in a woman’s body when he had to do anything more than kiss, though, yes?

      • wormme says:

        Haven’t seen much Q.L.

        For someone wanting the whole “omni-sexual” spectrum, I recommend Steel Beach by John Varley. Tech lets people change their sex, down to the XX/XY level, and people do it for vacations from gender fatigue. Or for cosmetics, for that matter.

        He got waaaaaay into all that crap, but at least it was thoughtful crap.

  2. Mycroft says:

    I’ve only seen one episode of Torchwood and that was enough.
    One of Jack’s crew has a disabled Cyberwoman hidden away in their HQ because she used to be his love interest. While everyone is out, he brings in a Japanese robotics expert to “fix” her. He does and she kills him, beginning the “action” of the episode. Before they stop her, she also kills a pizza delivery guy. The episode ends with everyone heading back into the HQ and just annoyed with the guy responsible because he messed up. No repercussions from the two deaths. Apparently they were nonpersons.
    I’ve had no desire to watch another one.

    • wormme says:

      Yeah, it’s fine that Torchwood pretty much has its own way. But when “Jubilee Pizza” deliverers are killed at your place and they keep coming back with no questions asked, you’ve got a narrative problem.

      But I’m still watching. Damn “Gwen”‘s anime eyes! They’re like Zooey Deschanel’s, only brown green, brown when enshadowed.

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