I remind my fellow Americans of the basic U.S. principle of FCAFB.

First a brief history:

A Democratic legislature passed “ObamaCare” through chicanery and by a very narrow margin. The Dems were then “shellacked” in the November elections by candidates running against their achievement. More of the public dislikes ObamaCare than likes it.

(And millions of those claiming to like it are quietly opting out.)

Meanwhile, twenty-six states (out of fifty, in case you forgot) joined forces and challenged ObamaCare on Constitutional grounds. A federal judge agreed with them and overturned the statute. Pending appeal, O.C. is currently unconstitutional, at least as far as those twenty-six states are concerned.

The Administration response? Screw the judiciary, we’re hiring more IRS agents! By not halting until the judicial branch finishes its job, the executive branch denies its legitimacy.

And that alone is reason enough for the legislative branch to defund ObamaCare. To chasten a lawless Administration by forcibly applying the principle of FCAFB:

Freakin’ Checks and Freakin’ Balances!

You know why we don’t hear “checks and balances” the way we do “separation of church and state”? Because all three branches are overrun with statists who don’t want the gravy train checked.

When cries of “activism” are reserved for judicial decisions that limit government, you’re overdue for a lot of checkin’ and a lot of balancin’.

I know all W.O.R.M. readers are familiar with FCAFB. But how about your children? America’s youth? I bet “checks and balances” doesn’t get much exploration in public schools these days. Anyone mind checking with some kids? See if the phrase means anything to them besides



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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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