Another missing James Hoffa body.

In this case, the missing body being a body of evidence.

Some vastly powerful corporations and billionaires want to cripple all unions and turn America into a low-wage banana republic.

Like unions hiring cheap non-union temps to picket for them, perhaps?

Across the country, new governors and new legislatures are demanding cuts to jobs, pensions and concessions from public employee unions. Their demands are nothing more than payback for the billions of dollars that the ultra-rich have poured into political campaigns.

“Nothing more”.  Well, that money trail should be easy to follow. It cost a pretty penny to get hundreds of thousands of Tea Partiers to those Washington protests, right?  And I don’t understand why politically-connected billionaires would dump Republican incumbents for long-shot wild cards like Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell. 


…actress Julianna Margulies thanked the Teamsters for digging out New York in her acceptance speech for a SAG award. 

Compelling argument.  I’ll counter by pointing out that actor John Ratzenberg likes to mock Woodstock hippies for being spoiled little crybabies. 

Public employees didn’t create a huge housing bubble.  Wall Street did that.

As required by Congress, of course.  You left out that part, Hoffa.

He lists other problems and outrages.  $290 billion here, $3 trillion there.  Then he does something really clever.  Not moral, but clever. 

It’s also important to remember, as economist Robert Reich points out, that the typical public employee’s pension is only $19,000 a year.

You probably saw that he switched from total costs to individual cost.  Billions, trillions…only $19,000!

But did you notice that he stated public employee, not public union employee?  Union members are 42% of the government work forceHe averaged the non-union workers with the union ones.   It’s almost diabolical.  By all means, lump fiscally responsible states in with Michigan, California, and Illinois.  That really proves your point!

Hoffa keeps things at a national level, but it’s individual states going belly-up.  Federal “stimulus” dollars alleviated some local pressure, like shifting water between compartments of a sinking ship.

What Hoffa neglected to do was offer suggestions on how to plug the leaks.

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