The importance of following scripture, secular or divine.

Posit this: the Constitution is to the United States what the New Testament is to the Catholic Church.

There are two things I wanted to point out. First, both groups are supposed to follow written ordinances; one secular, one divine. The New Testament requirement is predicated on Catholics being Christians; if you’re a Catholic who claims otherwise then you’re off this particular hook.

The second point is that the two groups only get into trouble when they violate their own scripture.

Catholics divide themselves into the priesthood and the laity. This is the exact opposite of what Scripture says. All Christians are priests and priestesses, as well as being saints. And while the N.T. requires church elders to be married with faithful children, Catholic priests are commanded to be celibate.

This deviation from Scripture results in a recurring, habitual problem, doesn’t it?

Now the federal government. There’s only a handful of activities permitted by its “scripture”. And these, it has historically performed very well. Their execution has resulted in the wealthiest and most powerful society in history.

Now look at warmaking. It’s authorized, so long as Congress declares it. But we regularly engage in conflict, these days, without that declaration. In Congressionally-declared wars, we have excelled. In the others…not so much.

The Fed is also authorized to borrow money. But honestly, there aren’t many legitimate situations for the government to take on massive debt. Waging war is the obvious budget-buster. It’s put us in debt on several occasions. And the WWII debt was enormous. At least until recently, as a percentage of GDP it was higher than even our 21st Century debt.

Although that’s not going to last.

And it’s amazing how quickly the Greatest Generation turned that mountain of debt into a mole hill.  They didn’t want to burden their descendents.

So let’s see.  Execution of original duties–apart from today’s outrageous failure to guard our borders–good.  Execution of Amended duties–apart from outrageous betrayals of the 2nd Amendment–good.

And the borrowing for those duties has never threatened American solvency.  Yet somehow our debt is now $50,000 for every American man, woman, and child.  How did this happen?

We disobeyed scripture.  The Fed was never authorized to mandate involvement in social reallocation programs.  And it’s those, like Social Security, MediCare, and MediCaid, that are driving us bankrupt, bankrupt, bankrupt.  The Fed has never had authority to favor specific businesses over others; waiver, anyone?

And the more we get into all this, the worse the Fed performs its required duties.

All admit that the Constitution is the foundation of our government.  So maybe we shouldn’t have undermined it?

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