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I’m about ready to accept ObamaCare.

Unless it turns out that “some animals are more equal than others”. From the start, half the country never wanted nationalized health care. Personally, I feel you need 2 out of 3 citizens in favor of any law to be … Continue reading

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The Euro is dead…

…long live the Euro! It’s interesting investment advice.

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If only it was true.

A tyranny I could get behind. The only way to make it better would be for us to all be armed and start talking like Ash. Listen up, you progressive screwheads…

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Oh, right, the SOTU thingee last night.

Once I’ve established that someone is an unrepentant liar, like Obama, I try to pay him no more attention. But I’ve seen some reactions to last night’s SOTU (See Obama Talk Unendingly) speech. Sputnik? Really? Wow. Stop Obsolete Tech Utterances.

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The Ways of the Flesh.

Ideally you would consider the Law of Unintended Consequences before pimping out your own wife. Obviously I’m watching Carnivale. It had a two-season run on HBO, I’m almost through the first. Pacing is waaaaaaaaay…toooooooooooo…sloooooooooooooooow. Certainly it shouldn’t jump around like … Continue reading

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At it again. You can’t say you weren’t warned.

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Outspoken atheists.

Whatta bunch of maroons. It’s, yet again, that poking a man-eating bear with a stick thing. Let me get this straight, atheists. You think religious belief is responsible for most hatred and wars, and that adherents are often murderously insane. … Continue reading

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Walter Russell Mead

His commentary is currently unsurpassed. Everything he’s doing lately is excellent. Example.

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The rule of law actually applies in Chicago?

Naturally it’s being appealed.

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Some animals are more equal than others.

Like these pigs. If a single powerful Republican had a single working brain cell, these people would be testifying before a House committee. Why should you get an ObamaCare exemption when everyone else doesn’t?

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