Outspoken atheists.

Whatta bunch of maroons.

It’s, yet again, that poking a man-eating bear with a stick thing.

Let me get this straight, atheists. You think religious belief is responsible for most hatred and wars, and that adherents are often murderously insane. And your strategy is…to poke at us and call us names? Mock and revile us? Heh heh. If you’re right that you’ll never face spiritual judgement, wouldn’t it be safer to pretend belief?

But if you must speak out, focus on the one religion that tends to prove your point.  Start bellowing at the folks in mosques if you ever want respect from an actual man of reason.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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6 Responses to Outspoken atheists.

  1. DiogenesLamp says:

    Something that Atheists and Separation of Church and State types simply never seem to consider is the same problem that some Libertarians never seem to consider. For the Libertarians, it’s the idea that Morality shouldn’t be imposed, not realizing, that Morality is always imposed. Laws are codified morality. The Question isn’t “Whether?” the question is “whose?”

    For the Atheists and Separation of Church and State types, the Issue is Religion. Again, the question is not “Whether?” but is instead “Whose?”

    The Choice WILL NOT be “none.” It will be either Muslim or Christian. If you reject Christian, you will by default choose Muslim. Europe is currently demonstrating this phenomena in the form of a slow motion train wreck. Those “enlightened” people rejected Christianity for Secularism, and worked to rid their society of Christian notions of morality and propriety in favor of secular tolerance and diversity.

    As a result, they have thrown the doors open wide to Muslim immigrants, because after all, if all cultures as equally good, then Muslims are just as good as Christians for a society! They Welcomed the Muslims to come to Europe and accept European notions of tolerance and to have them marvel at European forbearance at imposing bourgeoisie morality. The Muslims would be just one more of many different contributors to European society.

    Unfortunately for them, the haven’t gotten the message through to the Muslims, who have came, and saw, and now are conquering. They refuse to integrate, they have instead demanded that Europe accommodate their beliefs or they will riot. They are out breeding the Europeans (who favor sexual freedom, contraception and abortion) and in a decade or more, the Majority of the population of Europe will be Ethnic Arab and religiously Muslim.

    The Muslims have not the slightest respect for European notions of “tolerance” and they view with contempt European traditions of law and custom. The power they wield is the power of Belief, and it is matched against the European power of Disbelief. It is a forgone conclusion that the believers will win against the disbelievers.

    The only force on earth that could stop or divert these believers is that which has been utterly rejected by the Europeans. Christianity.

    The only thing which can fight a belief is another belief. Allah Akbar!

    • wormme says:

      Excellent points, well-stated.

    • Mountainbear says:

      Sorry for warming this up…

      You forget that plenty of Christian leaders (up to the pope himself) are on their knees in front of islam, praising it, etc. Some German bishop, cardinal or whatever else (I think it was a catholic) stated that islam is good for us because it brings god back into society (ignore the fact that JHW and Allah are NOT the same gods, Allah goes back to a pre-islamic moon-deity.) Similar songs have been sung by protestants and others. Some anglican leaders have stated similar stuff. The christian churches in Europe are spearheading the islamisation of Europe, together with the leftists. They are also, for example in Austria, spearheading the demand for spending even more money we don’t have, because everybody is so poor! Thus the government has to support people even more (while we have taxes on almost everything.) Together with the leftists. They only care about power.

      If you say “But excuse me, the koran says this and that and non-mohammedans (I refuse to call them “muslims”, since “muslim” means “true believer” and I refuse to acknowledge that they are the “true believers” while all of us are “infidels”) in mohammedan countries are oppressed” the entire left wing, together with the official christian churches, will tear you to pieces. You will be called Nazi and racist. Stuff like that happens on a daily basis in Europe. Take Geert Wilders. I don’t recall any christian church ever officially supporting him.

      And I can think of more forces that can stop islam, or any other faith for that matter.

      And in case you’re wondering, yep, I’m an atheist. But I’m not parking on your doorstep and tell you what you must believe. And as long as other religions don’t do the same on my doorstep, I don’t care about them. Personally, I think the “outspoken” atheists (the militant ones) are idiots. Check the Apollo 8 law suit, where some “atheist” sued the US government because the crew of Apollo 8 read the Book of Geneses on Christmas while they were orbiting the moon. They were almost 400k km out there, in that little ship, far away from home. Those men were heroes, that atheist just a sad little moron. If anybody ever had the right to read the Bible on public channels, it’s men and women like those astronauts.

      • wormme says:

        If you get to drop the militant atheists, I get to drop the Westboro Baptists.

        I did posts on this in the pre-rad days. Militant atheists challenge (mostly Christian) religion by claiming its adherents are murderously insane when challenged.

        What the heck is that?! Do you go up to man-eating bears and poke them with a stick, screaming “Bad bear! Bad, bad man-eating bear!”

        Dawkins & Co. live grandly in rich and safe societies built mostly by deists. If they’d like what happens when their ilk takes over, they should Google ‘Soviet Union”.

  2. Mazzuchelli says:

    What he said, except for the closing.

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