Anyone else remember this schoolyard ditty?

“Glory, glory hallelujah!”

“Teacher hit me with a ruler.”

“I met her at the door with a loaded .44,”

“And she ain’t no teacher no more!”

That was going around in the 70’s at the schools I attended.  Number of teachers blown to bits?  None.  Number you heard about? Maybe one or two, countrywide, over my entire school life.  There were more tales of the Bell Witch than of schoolground shooters.

Pocket knives at school?  Pah.  They did draw the line at buck knives.  If you were going to hunt deer and attend school you could darn well leave your knife in the pickup.  That way your rifle and shotgun didn’t get lonely.

Remember that?  You do if your childhood culture was anything like mine.  If you’re too young or too urban, try to imagine it.  

Now take a mental step back, and listen to the national conversation.  Listen to the chosen topics, and tone of voice, of the progressives and their media.

You want to argue they’re more mature than pre-teeners of two generations ago?  Mentally or physically tougher than 70’s children?

They’re bigger name-callers than we ever were, let’s give them that.  Better at tantrums, too.

Can anyone dispute this analysis?

Then I maintain my ongoing argument.  We must refuse to treat these folks as adults until they demonstrate minimal maturity.  If they refuse, treat them like the children they (hopefully) are.  Their sputtering profane outrage will prove your point to anyone who isn’t a progressive.

If they’re actually adults, malevolent and tyrannical adults…well, sooner or later…sic simper tyrannis.

But folks folks folks…these are the puniest tyrants in human history.  They’re morons, singly or en masse.  They’re wimps.  No pain threshold.  They want control of everything while simultaneously hating the military.  Alexander or Napoleon, they’re not. 

It’s ridiculous.  Their only resource is an inexhaustable store of chutzpah.  Their base camp?  It’s a thousand mile walk past the sign reading “Pathetic”. 

But then, what does it make us when we let these chumps succeed?

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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8 Responses to Anyone else remember this schoolyard ditty?

  1. “They want control of everything while simultaneously hating the military.” heh. and guns, they hate guns.

    Weird though, that folks so wimpy can be so blumin dangerous to the nation, innit?

    Oh I totally remember that ditty. And the Bell Witch, shoot I grew up in Nashville. Daring kids to say “I hate the Bell Witch” 3 times while looking in a mirror in the dark during elementary school-age slumber parties, and then driving to the Bell farm and cave as teenagers were a rights of passage.

    Where’d you grow up? I didn’t think the Bell Witch lore travelled far beyond the TN borders.

    • wormme says:

      I grew up on both sides of Tennessee, AL and KY. The Bell Witch was known on the northern side. At least in Auburn, KY, a podunk town between Bowling Green and Russellville.

      And the kids there stole her from Tennessee. The local claim was that she lurked in the Auburn elementary school, beneath ground level, on the other side of the always locked exterior door.

      Oh well. My Puerto Rican boss tells me that Mexico totally stole the chupacabra, too.

      • Was that really the local claim or are you being funny? I did a quick search to refamiliarize myself, and the Bell farm is in Adams, at the KY border so they mighta been well familiar.

        And check it out! They’ve gone all official w/ tours and everything! Weren’t none a that when I was young! We had to just drive by (the preferred choice of chickens like me if it was night) or knock on their door or just plain old trespass to peer into the barred-off cave.

      • wormme says:

        Yep, when I was at Auburn it was local school legend that the Bell Witch haunted the bowelsof the elementary building. I don’t know when or how the legend started, though.

      • wormme says:

        Oh, and when living in Long Island I drove by the Amityville Horror house a time or two.

  2. Ha! It’s funny the way the Bell Witch lore morphed in yer neck of the woods.

    • wormme says:

      Yep. And it was really funny when my boss got offended when I said the chupacabra comes from Mexico.

      In my defense, I got that from The Venture Brothers. How can you not trust that source?

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