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At some point we’re all better off apart.

Our betters again, showing us how it’s done. Every time this happens, ask yourself what it would take for them to cease such hatred. Are you willing to give it to them? Join me in seeking a divorce. America has … Continue reading

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The Egyptian crisis is due to global warming? Actually, I guess they’re saying that global warming is impacting farming, driving up food prices, and causing the problem. Wow. The reality, of course, is that the global temperature isn’t due to … Continue reading

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Is this Israel’s general opinion?

Obama will go down in history as the president who lost Egypt. Just as Carter was the president who lost Persia/Iran. The crux of the problem? This statement: The street revolts in Tunisia and Egypt showed that the United States … Continue reading

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This article may bring tears to your eyes.

It did mine. “Progressives” like Margaret Sanger were at least a little more honest in their hatred and disdain. But todays’ progs, rather than simply eliminating blacks, instead cripple them to keep them dependent on progressive power. And to that … Continue reading

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“We have a Jim Crow public education system.”

Yep. Mr. Huffman doesn’t mention affirmative action, which is also a poison. It’s not the overwhelming problem that the teachers’ guilds unions are, but it’s a crutch nonetheless.

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I agree that the NYT shouldn’t be allowed near guns.

Why?¬† Executive editor quote:¬† it is our aim to be impartial in our presentation of the news. With aim like that, they shouldn’t be allowed to shoot rubber bands. Story here. I’ve yet to hear a good reason why charges … Continue reading

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ObamaCare + waivers = ?

I was going to do a 3-part post on the waivers thing. Analyze political poll numbers on O.C. approval and then analyze political affiliations of the waivered. But why bother? We know how it’ll come out. ¬†Instead here’s Marvelous Michelle’s … Continue reading

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