Christmas came early!

 There’s a tip jar here that was tossed in early and forgotten.

 It’s never mentioned because this place isn’t about money, it’s about venting spleen.  But I would like to gradually move into A/V productions, a la the superlative Bill Whittle. 

Only I couldn’t stick to simple oratory. Special effects! Slapstick! So any $ in the piggy bank will eventually go into a Wormme Production.

Don’t feel any pressure to tip.  Just that you’re here is enough.  Exchanging comments with you guys is pretty much my social life.  That social worm analogy isn’t by accident. 

So why bring it up now?  I got a tip!  Quite generous, too.  More at once than I’ve sent Instapundit in a decade of reading.  (Of course, Insty’s made hundreds from my clicking his Amazon links.)

That my sole patron is Canadian is even more humbling, considering how I rib Canucks.  But then it’s Canuck progressives that get smacked, which of course the benefactor is not.  How can you tell?  My money jar was tipped…not tapped.

So thank you all for reading, and thank you, kindly neighbor to the north.  When Wormme Productions start rolling, you now know who to thank for the phasers and light sabers. And don’t forget the facial superimpositions necessary for the upcoming Straw Man Debates.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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6 Responses to Christmas came early!

  1. SDH says:

    Whittle’s video essay’s are available on DVD.

    Too bad it doesn’t include his PJTV videos. Whittle has been a favourite of mine for years.

    • wormme says:

      I exchanged emails with him a few years ago due to my expertise in radiation. He’s working on a film about mining the Jovian belts and Jupiter itself. Tricky. I didn’t know just how problematic it was until reserching it. The radiation conditions are…complex.

      Anyway, he’s a gentleman in print as in video. Long may he reign.

  2. DiogenesLamp says:

    I’ve always thought Bill Whittle was exceptionally good at both writing and making videos. It’s a real shame he never gets on prime time media. The Nation is badly in need of the education he provides.

    As for this being your only social life, you ought to check out talkpolywell dot org. I hang out there quit a bit. There are lots of engineers and scientists to talk to. Some of them are a little “Out there” but I sometimes enjoy discussing politics, etc. with them.

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