I fully support socialized law.

Some formidable thinkers check this site out from time to time. Please point out any flaws in this argument. It’s based on my axiomatic assumption that anything contradicting itself cannot be true. Or right.

“Socialized medicine” is the big thing right now, but don’t forget that statists seek to socialize energy, housing, transportating…and don’t forget that banning toys from Happy Meals is “food justice”.


Turnabout is fair play. More than fair, actually, because the industry I have in mind must be socialized first, for the sake of justice and freedom.

Progressives…you pretend to care about those things, right?

Then we have to socialize the legal industry. FIRST.  It controls the socialization of everything else, right?  And leaders lead by example, tyrants rule by fiat.  Thus no statist gets to argue for socializing anything without their argument being first applied to lawyers.

Don’t let them.

Obama defended his takeover, in part, by claiming surgeons regularly performed unnecessary surgery just to make more money.

Guess there’s no such thing as an unnecessary lawsuit, eh?  Unlike M.D.s, attorneys would never stoop to scrabbling for other people’s money. See, lawyers like Obama and his pals are trustworthy.

Ah, no need to belabor the point.  I fully support the socialized law we already have.  That is, tax-supported public defenders for the poor.  The competent ones are no doubt underpaid.  Let’s trim fat from the lawsuit-slingers and pay the good guys more.  The legal industry is unique in that wage and price controls would improve things greatly for everyone but war-mongering lawyers and the remoras who ride them.  

Even private attorneys are in a sense agents of the state.  Judges aren’t permitted profiteering from their position.  Cops sure aren’t.  So why are lawyers allowed to do what they seek to deny doctors?   

John Edwards thinks this is a horrible idea.  Which tells you how truly awesome it is.  

Any downside to the argument?  I mean, I know leftists will respond by calling you names and changing the subject.  That’s why I don’t deal with them personally.  Just wondering if it’s a stick you’d care to poke in a progessive eye.


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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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5 Responses to I fully support socialized law.

  1. DiogenesLamp says:

    Madre de Dios! Sometimes reading your site is like looking in a mirror! I have been advocating socialized law for decades! I have long pointed out that the 14th amendment guarantees equal application of the law, (therefore constitutionally mandated) and that Wealthy people (Like the Kennedys or OJ Simpson) are not subject to having to go through the same court system that poor people have to use.

    The solution? Make private legal representation illegal. ALL Lawyers must work for the government, and the Rich have to use the public defenders just like the poor. That’s the only way that we can achieve EQUAL application of the laws.

    Something tells me that our modern Pseudo-Nobility will not take kindly to an idea that deprives them of their special status and privilege in our legal system.

    There are no discernible flaws with this idea.

    • wormme says:

      It’s obvious once you think about it, but you noticed the obvious a lot sooner than me. It’s been maybe ten years since I really looked at what the legal industry is doing.

      I agree that permitting private practice would continue the two-tiered approach. Even with all-public practice, the rich and influential would seek to reserve the most competent lawyers for themselves.

      So to take your brilliant idea one step further, no one gets to choose their attorney. One would be randomly assigned from the available pool. “Waaaa! But I might get a bad one!” Well, either disbar all the bad ones, or welcome to justice for the poor.

      • DiogenesLamp says:

        Exactly. Everyone gets a public defender from a pool. I like the idea of a hand drawing out of a hat by the judge! 🙂

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