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Maybe we’re going about this all wrong.

In all the strategies and tactics I’ve come up with, it only now occurred to me that we could probably deal with the progressives simply by calling them “infidel”. “A higher marginal tax rate is the only morally cor–” “Silence…infidel!” … Continue reading

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Having computer and server problems.

I warned you about never buying an HP Pavillion, right? Well, change “warning” to “forbidding”. It’s your civic duty not to encourage them. HP stands for “hellish problems”.

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August 14th is now a red-letter day.

All of the ideas for International “International Make Up an International Day” Day were fun. I think four people contributed, which doubled my expectations. Though all were enjoyable, I guess my favorite was Brett’s “Me! Me! Meeeeeee!” concept. Still not … Continue reading

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Football and facetiousness.

It’s halftime of the Tennessee/North Carolina bowl game. Bray, Tennessee’s true freshman quarterback, is a lot of fun to watch. And you’ll probably catch this off Instapundit, but if not, iiiiiiit’s…Iowahawk!

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Whew, thank goodness it’s now a three-day weekend.

Very busy work day. Normally there’s the chance for a quick post or two during breaks and lunch, but not today. Let me huff down a post-prandial cigar and I’ll see to those bloggy duties.

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…we’re gonna find out how robust our electrical and data networks when Sol starts throwing tempest tantrums again. The latest guess is for mid-2013. But we’re already fourteen years into what is usually around an eleven-year cycle. And so a … Continue reading

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Good thing it wasn’t a spork.

Otherwise this scofflaw would need the death penalty.

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