What Would Xena Do?

If she met up with Islam, I mean. This is a “I bet my life” proposal.  I wager this TV show never addresses Allah, or (very slim chance) they reference it obliquely and respectfully.

But ask yourself:  what would Xena do if she encountered Mohammed the way she did King Saul?    

What brings this on?  I’m watching season Four.  Xena’s in India.  And one episode starts by saying, “the producers of this show took liberty with Hindu dieties and timelines, but their sole purpose was to illustrate the beauty and power of the Hindu religion”.

Funny. I missed the disclaimer when Goliath was just a little misguided and David learned about giants’ weak foreheads from Xena.

But it’s okay, Sam Raimi. I’ll not question your courage as long as Islam got the Xena treatment.  And if it hasn’t, I’ve got one heck of a premise for The Xena Movie:

Travelling the Middle East, the Warrior Princess encounters a newly-minted religion that enslaves women, and whose high priest is about to force a pre-pubescent girl to wed and bed him. What does she do?

What does Xena do?

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4 Responses to WWXD.

  1. Ha! I’ll tell you what Xena would do. She’d kick some ass, have a bath with that sidekick chick, and call in Bruce Campbell for a little comedic relief.

    Dang, I likes me some Sam Raimi, but more so when Bruce Campbell is involved . . .

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