“Deathly Hallows” is good.

Went with my Potterphilic niece to the midnight opening of “Harry Potter” late last early this morning.  I might have nodded off once or twice, but not because I wanted to.  It was a long day.  Alabama won 63-7 last night, and watching all those touchdowns was like counting sheep.

There’s never been a bad H.P. movie, and this one was better than most.  If you’re following the series I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

But the niece tells me the nude Harry/Hermione kissing bit wasn’t in the book.

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2 Responses to “Deathly Hallows” is good.

  1. D.J. says:

    But the niece tells me the nude Harry/Hermione kissing bit wasn’t in the book.

    I hope you’re joking about that being in the movie…..

    I’d hate to think that you’re deliberately trying to spawn fanfic like this (even though this was done as a parody…): http://questionablecontent.net/spacewizards.html

    • wormme says:

      Sadly, no. It’s a vision put into Ron’s head by a horcrux (or however you spell it). The niece says in the book they only kiss. In the movie you see a considerable amount of flesh and no clothes, with fire/smoke/magic F/X covering up all the R-and-X-rated bits.

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