Symbiotic and parasitic governments.

Let’s explore and expand on an idea from previous posts.  The Body Politic.

A host generates the energy used by both symbiotes and parasites.  Neither of those  can survive without the host.  In theory, a host doesn’t need symbiotes.  They improve things for the host, but aren’t required.  Obviously hosts never need parasites.

But in practice, that host (a populace) never exists without a symbiote or parasite(government).  Without government it atomizes, breaking down into smaller (tribes) and smaller (families) parts until some form of government sets in.  With a symbiotic government, it thrives and grows.  A populace inflicted with a parasitic government can only thrive by feeding upon other populations the way its government battens upon it.  That’s why, while opposed to the USSR, I had no worries that its victory would usher in centuries of Earth-wide tyranny.  Ridiculous.  It was parasitic.  Once it had consumed everything, what else could it do but consume itself?   

Also ridiculous is the “anti-government” charge levelled against Tea Partiers.  The Ruling Class is anti-government, not us.  Does that seem an odd claim?  Well, how often do they get away with lawbreaking that would see us peons in prision?  How often does Congress make laws that exempt Congress?   

Face it:  governments are prone to turning parasitic, and ours has.  It waxed as our country prospered, like any symbiotic creature.  But in the past few years, with its host ailing, the government suddenly exploded in growth…and appetite.

What does that sound like to you?

Our nation’s debt, as a percentage of GDP, was once higher than this.  At the close of World War II.  Was the government parasitic then?  Hardly at all.  How do we know?  Because when the war was over the country quickly bounced back into vigourous health.

When an organism faces a mortal threat, its resources are reallocated.  When dealing with  extreme stress its every aspect is, pun intended, taxed

Though severely taxed, at the end of World War II our country was united as never before.   Ah, regrets!  If only we had passed Civil Rights legislation then!  Jim Crow, crushed along with the Third Reich.  Black Americans finally equal under the law, and at the very moment when Americans shared a fierce work ethic and willingness for self-sacrifice!

Do you think we would have the blighted urbanscapes, the multi-generational single-parent welfare families, the black/white education gap and racial quotas?  Of course not.    Nothing like today’s, anyway.  Our nation’s wealth would have been greater by trillions, and racial aminosity would be nothing like today’s.  One generation late…

Look at today’s Body Politic.  We are Balkanzied.  Atomized.  Racial and sexual antagonism, special interests, fighting over victim status.  People fighting to be the victims

Way to go, government.  Our Body wars with itself.  Democrats seek to punish certain parts and reward others.  Republicans, likewise.  The only thing they’ve agreed upon is that the government should always grow, regardless of the health of the Body Politic.

But they have become increasingly obvious.  Technology has disintermediated the Ruling Class’s control of information.  A single person can point something out and start a cascade that encompasses the world.  Glenn Reynolds calls this An Army of Davids.  Because I often use the Body Politic analogy, I think of us rather as white blood cells.  If we detect wrongness, one of us latches on while calling for help.  If it truly is a problem, soon it’s covered by us.  Thanks to this, a government’s turn to parasitism has never been more evident.

And so along comes the Tea Parties and liberty-loving Americans.  They, we, seek nothing less than to tame this parasitic government and return it to symbiote status.  That’s why the Democratic Party and half of the Republican Party hates us.  Parasites need separation between themselves and their host. 

As I’ve said before, I don’t think we’re going to succeed.  Sorry, but that’s my analysis.  We’re not striking at the root of the problem.  We can fight on Constitutional grounds, but we can only win on moral grounds.

A symbiotic government is moral, a parasitic one is immoral.  We can’t afford the pretense that parasitic people are our moral equals.  It’s not good for us, and it’s sure not good for them.   

Can I get a witness? 

Seriously, anyone out there?  Forget the Constitution for a moment.  The Founding Fathers didn’t start out with one, did they?  They stopped trying to debate King George & Co., didn’t they?  They quit asking and started telling.

You want to save our Body Politic, our nation?  Stop asking and start telling.  Look these folks in the eye and say, “you are no one’s master.  You will stop enslaving this nation or we will stop you.”

You can leave the “by any means necessary” implicit.

For now.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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4 Responses to Symbiotic and parasitic governments.

  1. We aren’t going to succeed? You sound like my husband. Who is right too often, btw. If we are not striking at the root of the problem, and the problem is morality, than answer me this: who is striking at the root of the problem? Anyone out there you can name?


    • wormme says:

      Who? Me!

      I plan to keep pointing it out. Progressives are morally inferior to just about every other sort of American. Less charitable = less good. This is where we should hit them, at that most basic level. They don’t get to do less for the needy AND get away with their smug assumption of superiority.

      And they won’t…if photogenic and charismatic Americans carry that argument to them. I’m just trying to find such folks and pass the baton to them.

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