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Artists are so courageous.

Aren’t they? Can’t wait for the painting of Mohammed eating a pork sandwich.

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Just desserts for a deserter of justice.

Wikileaks has taken a cyberpunch to the crotch. Keep piling on.  And, quit helping the enemy!

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Hey, parents,

Does this look about right?

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Why aren’t “pithy” and “concise”…

…one-syllable words, like “terse”? Isn’t that false advertising?

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She was a day-ay-ay shifter.

Megan McArdle’s circadian cycle is set in its ways. I have the opposite problem. After a quarter-century of more night shifts than days, and a decade of constantly rotating shifts, my body has no set pattern. I can still go … Continue reading

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“WikiLeaks is designed to make capitalism more free and ethical.”

And Julian Assange was designed to make a**holes seem more clean and pleasant.

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Here. Okay, it’s actually capitalism.  That’s why it works.  But it is nice of everyone involved.  When slamming heads gainst a protected monopoly, the more craniums the merrier.

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Yes, “soft” radiation can be worse than harder radiation.

I may not get the chance to fully analyze this post by a biochemist/physicist before tomorrow. But it looks pretty solid, and he’s right about the radiation.  Will have to check closely as it relates to the bio damage, though.

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If you’re following the wikileaks…

…Drudge is swarming it.

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Stuxnet for biological systems.

You’re familiar with the Stuxnet virus screwing with the Iranian nuke program, right? Coincidentally, it appears to have an analog counterpart.

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