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Things that don’t work.

On the subject of campaign contributions, here’s a good essay on the futility of campaign financing reform.  Another thing that’s grimly amusing is people thinking that term limits would help fight the over-spending and over-regulation.  Pah!  That wouldn’t improve things a bit; it … Continue reading

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How dare you have a say in who has a say in your business!

This happens regularly.  Political partisans in a state whine about contributions coming in from out-of-state…for Congressional races! And they’re not kidding.  I’ve yet to hear them promise that their nominee won’t be voting on things that affect every state.  I.E., federal … Continue reading

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Good movie.

Just saw the latest Robin Hood.  Well-written, excellent cinematography, terrific actors.  Nobody ever tops Errol Flynn in the role, but Russell Crowe is always fine.  I just wonder… …does Cate Blanchett realize she’s made a real Tea Party film?

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Halloween was better when we were the monsters.

Growing up, my favorite holiday was Halloween.  For kids there’s no pressure, since even the lamest costume will score you that sweet, sweet sugar.  Just run, scream, check out the other little monsters, and be glad you’re still ignorant of Type II diabetes. I … Continue reading

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Steynosaurus Rex.

Like the legendary tarrasque, Mark Steyn is finally emerging from hiatus…his Sapphic slumber, if you will…to rend and devour anew.  If only he didn’t force-feed me knowledge about Broadway show tunes, he’d be my favorite writer.  Just check out the breadth of material he … Continue reading

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I link James Taranto often ’cause he’s awesome.  His dry humor is unsurpassed, even by the British.  Commenting today on Democratic problems/excuses, he notes: The Democrats’ message, in short, is that the Democrats are really lousy at delivering a convincing … Continue reading

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My superpower is “not giving a crap”.

As noted before, I am, a little bit, trying to get myself killed.  I’m not suicidal; on the other hand, death is apparently the only cure for raging tinnitus. So I’m perfectly willing to wager my life against sums as … Continue reading

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