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The Fed is spending billions on promoting technology that requires an ever-increasing access to rare earths. “Green” industries, very important, support them or be mocked by Jon Stewart. But apparently China has a near-monoply on super-heavy dirt. And now China is … Continue reading

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Revolting ice-bound peasants.

Way to go, Toronto! The Canadian “elite” of course have precisely defined their problem. The voters were full of largely pointless rage… Right. Because if there’s anything Canucks are famous for, it’s being seething cauldrons of fury.

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Brave, brave, brave, brave Obama.

What are Barack’s plans after Tuesday’s elections?

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You’re a criminal, you know. Well, maybe you don’t. But you are.

Someone has run the numbers and figured out that the typical American commits three felonies a day. If you want fewer criminals, make fewer things illegal.  Failing that, why toss non-violent offenders in prison when we could rattan cane them instead?    I’m … Continue reading

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Unbelievable chutzpah.

I recently posted about the extremely pathetic begging for money practiced by colleges and universities.  Their prices have vastly outstripped inflation for decades.  They get lots of government money.  Most of their students have to take out loans, sometimes crippling … Continue reading

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Iron Man 2 much.

Just rewatched Iron Man 2. Iron Man was a great movie.  Iron Man 2 isn’t…but for the best possible reason.  It’s overstuffed.  So many themes, so much exposition, so much stuff that didn’t quite gel together perfectly.  But it certainly gives you … Continue reading

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Two o’clock and all is well!

Well, not true of course.  Just haven’t seen anything I felt compelled to comment on.  Before you gloat, “the W.O.R.M. would never make it as a professional pundit”, please note this is not a professional blog.  If there was money … Continue reading

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Things that don’t work.

On the subject of campaign contributions, here’s a good essay on the futility of campaign financing reform.  Another thing that’s grimly amusing is people thinking that term limits would help fight the over-spending and over-regulation.  Pah!  That wouldn’t improve things a bit; it … Continue reading

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How dare you have a say in who has a say in your business!

This happens regularly.  Political partisans in a state whine about contributions coming in from out-of-state…for Congressional races! And they’re not kidding.  I’ve yet to hear them promise that their nominee won’t be voting on things that affect every state.  I.E., federal … Continue reading

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Good movie.

Just saw the latest Robin Hood.  Well-written, excellent cinematography, terrific actors.  Nobody ever tops Errol Flynn in the role, but Russell Crowe is always fine.  I just wonder… …does Cate Blanchett realize she’s made a real Tea Party film?

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