Rush Limbaugh was wrong.

I don’t usually hear Rush’s show, his hours don’t mesh with my crazy rotating schedule.  But I heard a clip on the local station, and Rush was saying that Obama & Company don’t ever like Big Business.  He reeled off some examples–Big Oil, Big Medicine, Big Pharm, etc.  He said you can’t find any big business that Democrats like.

Wrongo, El Rushbo.  They like the “Big Mouth” industry–movies, T.V. shows, T.V. news and “journalism”, anything that involves flapping their gums.  It’s also why they flock to academia so much.

It also explains why they hate talk radio and you so much.  Most of them can’t do anything but talk…and here you are kicking their butts at it!  Vastly larger audiences, vastly more renumeration…of course they loathe you.  You bruise their egos like no others, save perhaps Mama Grizzly.

Rush, you really aren’t mistaken often…can you admit this was one of those rarities?  Because Democrats and progressives do like big business if it’s Big Mouth Business…and if it’s theirs.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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