Speaking of social monsters…

…if you weren’t homeschooled, you remember elementary and high school “society”.  A screwed-up social chemistry of castes and cast-offs and cliques and teams and gangs and guilds swirling around and through each other, adding or subtracting “units” as the “alphas” desire.

Those were the days, eh?  Really.

Tell me something…back then, did you ever base your treatment of someone based on others’ treatment of you?  Say, you ran into an unpopular loner type and actually hit it off.  Then your clique ran into him and you mock him with the rest.  You did it half-heartedly perhaps, or stood there silently and later muttered “he’s really not that bad” to a fellow beta. 

Did you ever let other people write your character’s script?

Given the topics here, the W.O.R.M.y audience is more likely that solitary geek than the savage Heather

But even if you haven’t done it you’ve certainly seen it.  Now consider this.  If you base your treatment of a person on how other persons treat you…are you actually a person?  You’re certainly not an individual, are you?  You are insufficient unto yourself. 

The Heathers of the world, like all other social animals, are such sub-people…they’re just alphas.  Social alphas.  Mentally and physically formidable?  Please.  Take any queen bee from her hive and see how she fares solo.  Since social dominance can substitute for other competencies…generally social alphas are mentally and morally below average. 

Now look at our current roiled society.  Post-high school “Heathers” run the mouth-flapping parts:  government, academia, news, gossip, arts and entertainment.  

The big difference from high-school?  Adult Heathers won’t leave you alone

Heather: “You there!  Do as I command!”

W.O.R.M.:  “No thanks.” 

Heather: “What?!  You should thank me for even speaking to such an ugly bitter hateful little man!”

W.O.R.M.: “Leave me alone then.  I want nothing to do with you.”

Heather: “How dare you!  Somebody, anybody, make him do what I want!”

Honestly, doesn’t this social and emotional model resonate?  And it’s why it’s wrong for us to treat progressives as peers…unless we’re ready to wage war with them to be free.  

They are enslaving us!  They are idiotic and hypocritical and ignorant and immoral and they demand we bow down before them!

Go ahead then.  Submit.  Maybe they’ll let you into the club.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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