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Apparently the knowledge of paraffin tests has been lost.

My schedule doesn’t permit me to watch episodic T.V. shows on a regular basis.  So I buy them, and gorge on particular shows. Long-running dramas inevitably have people framed or falsely accused of murder.  And almost all of the accusations could be … Continue reading

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Someone’s listening…

The FBI doesn’t just want to listen in to private conversations.  It demands that people surrender the ability to have private conversations. You’re probably not geeks, so an explanation is in order.  Plus I know a few readers here are ex-military, and if … Continue reading

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Good article on our (non) growing pains.

There truly is only one hope for America’s economic future, and Dan Henninger lays it out.  Economic growth. If I’m running for the Senate, here’s my pitch:  “I vow with my life to filibuster anything that revokes current laws.  Repealing thousands of laws would be ideal, … Continue reading

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I can’t prove ghostofaflea is on an LSD bender.

But based on the past ten or so posts, you should have your suspicions.

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Excellent and beautiful post…

…on why tyrants hate laughter.  And music and dancing.  And joy and cheer and fun and frolic and… (via someone of great import)

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Rush Limbaugh was wrong.

I don’t usually hear Rush’s show, his hours don’t mesh with my crazy rotating schedule.  But I heard a clip on the local station, and Rush was saying that Obama & Company don’t ever like Big Business.  He reeled off … Continue reading

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In case anyone else here is a science fiction fan…

you’re acquainted with io9, I trust?  If not, you’ll probably like it.

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