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Poke a man-eating bear with a stick? You must be a progressive.

The maniacal-yet-oddly-seductive Greg Gutfeld comments on being one of 210 million bigoted Americans: am I hate-monger? Is my mom a fear-monger? Does 70 percent of America provide a combination of hate and fear-mongering? The W.O.R.M. commented there, to be expanded here.  Would you remain … Continue reading

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Moderating moderation.

Via Instapundit, saw a lengthy post over at windsofchange, musing on “moderate Muslims”.  It was triggered by one of the commenters there, who said, Unsurprisingly, moderate muslims appear to agree with you almost completely. That’s a shocker. (My definition is … Continue reading

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Cartoon Ronnie still less cartoonish than the left.

It’s already closing in on two million hits, so some of you have seen this. But I hadn’t, til a co-worker sent it:

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Resident Feeble

Saw this picture: At Prof. Jacobson’s place.  Then saw that smitty dislikes ad hominem attacks on this sort of thing.  But how can I avoid assuming that these guys are his allies?

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What IS going on in progressive heads?

As if philosophy isn’t dry enough, in the comments here the W.O.R.M. and smitty delve into meta-philosophy.  Should an infinite loop ensue, it’s probably best kept in the comments.  (But note that smitty and I are thus regressives, the complete opposite of progressives.)    So let’s step … Continue reading

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“Universal” health care–there are more accurate words for it, you know.

That the W.O.R.M. suffers obsessive-compulsive tendencies will not surprise anyone.  One of these is maximizing precision, especially in ideas and communication.  It bugs me enough to call the Founding Fathers liars or morons.  And I like those guys. Well, my fellow freedom-loving Americans…you are social creatures.  … Continue reading

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Progressives prefer Occam’s Swiss army knife.

Unsurpisingly, smitty (who blogs here) and brett make good points in comments on the last two posts.  Smitty mentioned Occam’s Razor.  That brought a smile, because I knew someone would see that in the “have as few axioms as possible” … Continue reading

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My entire political philosophy is a single thought expressed in two words.

The previous post claims that pure, basic philosophy has a single axiom, “Know Thy Axioms”.  There are beliefs necessary to get to that point, meta-philosophic axioms like “nothing can be both true and false” or, “truth and falsity are distinguishable”, etc.  You have to accept ideas like that … Continue reading

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How a W.O.R.M. thinks.

When you do a brag like “World’s Only Rational Man”, explaining why it’s true is a good idea.  Especially if you ever want company. (For the record, W.O.R.M.-ship is only claimed for other people’s business.  Maintain strict rationality in your specific field and obviously you’ll out-do me.  But holding … Continue reading

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The Catholic side of the Crusades.

If you ever want to compare and contrast jihad and the crusades, this looks like an awfully good starting point.  But for the record, the New Testament says Christianity wages war not with the sword, but with the spirit.  People who are Christians might … Continue reading

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