Speaking of Canada…

…which doesn’t happen here very often…

…so you’re a Canadian who believes that Americans are war-mongers.

Really?  We’re next-door war-mongers, and you call us names?  You must know you can take us in a fight, then.  Otherwise, doesn’t that make you total idiots?

Suicidal total idiots?

I’ll give you this, your massive military buildup along our border is certainly…well-hidden. 

Let’s cut to the chase.  Proof that the U.S. isn’t war-mongering is that Canada even exists.  Otherwise its name would be “America’s Meat Locker”.

As a war-mongering genius, I assure you we would have long since taken out Canada and Mexico for infrastructure purposes:

So, counter-theory:  you’re snivelling cowards.  Real war-mongers make you pants-wettingly scared.  And you hate war because you out-wee yourself when war-mongers and non-cowards actually do fight.  You can’t confront war-mongers about this (because you’re not suicidal) so you blame people who, intentionally or incidentally, protect your lives and liberties.

You’re welcome, Canada!

(UPDATE–thanks for all the comments!  Forgive me for delaying so long in approving them.  It was football Saturday and I forgot.)

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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67 Responses to Speaking of Canada…

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  2. dizzy says:

    // Proof that the U.S. isn’t war-mongering is that Canada even exists. //

    What proof are you drinking? The US tried in the 19th century.
    But these days, the US gets pretty much what it wants without delegitimizing itself in a “war againts a fellow democracy” [which we are always told never happens]

    Hitler didn’t invade Switzerland either.

  3. Moptop says:

    Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

  4. andycanuck says:

    I think you’ll find our Leftists have the exact same views as your Leftists, WORM, so just hit California first. [Great nick/blog name, BTW.]

  5. John West says:

    I think you have summed it all up quite nicely. I cannot add anything to that.

    However, I will say thank you for being a benevolent and generous neighbor. I am one Canadian who ‘gets’ it.

  6. wendy.g says:

    Very good post, I agree totally. I thank you Americans from the bottom of my heart. Really.

    • wormme says:

      Well, no one has ever had better neighbors than Canadians.

      Let me qualify that: non-progressive Canadians. The progressives of every Western nation seem indistinguishable.

  7. Will Jonas says:

    But the US did take out Mexico, it’s those parts called Arizona, Nevada, Texas, California and New Mexico; it also sent punitive expiditions in Mexico proper on a number of occassions, from the ‘Halls of Montezuma’ to the raids of Pershing. The US tried the same with Canada in 1812 while the Brits were busy with Naplolean and failed, you actually had your arses handed to you just outside DC; Canada exists because it repulsed American attempts to take it before both finaly (three years later) realised the futility of the war and consequently proceded to live and let live (though the US did not do too much to stop the Fenian Raids later that century). It’s probably because of this failure that US attention went south not soon after.

    Now this was all a long time ago, Canada and the US, ignoring the fringe morons in both countries, now have a very good relationship; the ordinary Joe and Canuck do have mutual respect for each other. Is the US war-mongering? No. Is it sometimes a little quick on the military response? Recently, maybe. It’s not a bad thing (though sometimes counter-productive) and no country is free of being ‘guilty’ of such a charge, after all the Canadians were quick to go to WW1 and 2 (as was my country, Australia); several years quicker than the US in both cases.

    I say all this as someone with a great deal of respect and fondness for the US and its people: though I’m sometimes amused, bemused and confused by some of the quaint and inexplicable things that go on there. I think you’re getting a bit too concerned about the idiots of the vocal minority – those that only are reported on because they cause controversy, and controversy sells – and are responding in a way they would use as evidence of ‘war-mongering’.

    • wormme says:

      Oh, I wouldn’t say I posted this because I’m concerned. I did it because it was an easy cheap shot. Plus I wanted an excuse to feature a jpg of the Risk board.

      Oh, and about your country’s relief of Thailand after the tsunami? Adjusting for population, I believe it was probably the greatest charitable act any nation has done for another.

  8. Larry the Warmonger says:


  9. jgriffin says:


    Real Americans are not war-mongers. Real Canadians don’t snivel. You proved it in the many territories you’ve helped and not conquered. We’ve proved it in South Africa, two world wars and Korea. Despite what cowards say, when the chips are down, we’ve got your back. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again .

    Thanks for your time.

    • wormme says:

      Thank you!

      I do admit to being a little frightened by Canadian lumberjacks, ever since seeing Monty Python.

      • Tanker says:

        Hehehehe….. imagine a lumber camp, far in the woods, no women for 100 miles and in there from snow melt to late fall…. yes be very frightened of lumberjacks….

        They eat beans 3 meals a day 🙂

  10. colinpark says:

    Let’s not generalize, we did after all burn down the Whitehouse, (Actually Royal Marines with Canadian Militia support) and no we won’t burn it down now, you have to unelect him yourself!
    If you want to generalize:
    Let me see where was the US in 1914-16, oh yes I remember, selling raw material to both sides. Where was the US 1939-41 sitting on the fence watching the Allies in a life and death struggle with evil.

    In reality many Canadians appreciate the US deeply and are happy we are on the same side (mostly) We have our disputes but try to solve them like rational adults. When I was in the Coast Guard, we would get called out to help the US Coast Guard because we had equipment they didn’t (divers) in return the USCG helped us with their helicopters which we didn’t have.
    In WWI and II, many US citizens joined the Canadian Military to fight the Germans, they were appreciated, you should also look up how many Canadians served with US forces in Vietnam.
    Canada and the US have worked together as partners for a long time. Keep in mind that our population is about 10 times smaller than the US, so our total military would be about 670,000 if we had equal populations. In WWII Canada had 1 million people in uniform out 11 million total, not many other countries can match that.

  11. Bob Devine says:

    Please do not judge all of Canada by the actions and mouth running of the leftist jerks that have control of our MSM. They get us real people just as POed as you are.

  12. Barcs says:

    .. arrogant worms- war of 1812

    So if you go to washington, – its buildings clean and nice.
    Bring a patch of matches….. – And we’ll burn the Whitehouse twice!
    And the whitehouse burned, burned, burned, – and we’re the ones that did it.
    It burned, burned, burned, – while the president ran and cried.
    It burned, burned, burned, – and things were very historical.
    And americans ran and cried like a bunch of little babies wa wa wa.
    In the war of 1812…

    • Mazzuchelli says:

      Well, they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles,
      And they ran through the bushes where the rabbits couldn’t go.
      They ran so fast that the hounds couldn’t catch them,
      Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.

      That’s my reality, buster.

  13. Kursk says:

    Don’t confuse leftist Canada with the Canada that remembers its martial past; a long and honourable one that had a potent moral compass attached to it.

    Canada( much like your United States) has a disparate and varied political scene, some shared values, but always a vigorous debate in the body politic.

    Let the people who believe ‘you’ are war mongers believe their delusions; what does it matter ? In the end, your government will conduct its affairs as it sees fit, as will mine. You may have noticed that our current govt. is not very well liked by our vocal left, as they are Conservatives. Increases in military spending and defense of the Arctic are two things that make them absolutely apoplectic. So does the reversal of decades worth of social re-engineering..

    I, as a nationalistic Canadian, appreciate the friendship and support the Americans have given us over the years and I hope that many there feel the same of us. You may, however, get more than a few Canucks surly with your statement that you protect our lives and liberties. We may not have an armed forces as big as yours, but it is effective and tough for its size; not many who have faced it have felt compelled to describe the experience as a walk in the park. Ask the Japanese at Hong Kong, the Germans at Vimy or Passchendaele, Normandy or the Scheldt, Or the Chinese at Kap’Yong and the Hook..

    I have no doubt that America could turn Canada into its meat locker if it wished, but I ask you; would you want to face a prolonged occupation with pissed off, hockey mentality nationalists who own more guns than the U.S. per capita?

    Be glad as friends that we both will never have to find out.

    Douglas Cook- Jones
    Maj. ( ret.)
    Golan, Eritrea, Somalia, Cyprus, Rwanda
    Ottawa, Canada

    • wormme says:

      As I just said elsewhere, the post should have ended with “you’re welcome, Canadian progressives!”, not “Canada”. I know the vast majority of Canadians are stout citizens, not whiny cowards. And yes, I do thank God we’ll never be at war as long as our current nations exist. We’re allies. And since you’re a service man, I thank you personally for helping protect my nation.

      Apart from nuking population centers, trying to take Canada would be like the movie Red Dawn…with us as the Commies.

      • northbaytrapper says:

        C Thomas Howell’s most riveting performance….

      • northbaytrapper says:

        check that…second most riveting….I’d forgotten “Secret Admirer”.

      • wormme says:

        I just re-watched Red Dawn about a month ago. Avenge me!

        C.T. Howell’s casual shooting of their betrayer was the capstone of his career. He made Swayze (R.I.P.) look like a wussy.

      • MikeinAppalachia says:

        Are you sure of that? My impression from my extended family in Alberta and theirs in Sask and Manitoba is that if (heaven forbid) it ever came to such, it would be “all of us vs Quebec, Mass and New York(downstate)”.

      • wormme says:


        Just thinking in terms of a few million square miles of hiding places for a well-armed Canadian resistance movement.

        Of course, we have 21st Century tech that the Soviets didn’t. Maybe it would be relatively simple to overcome the resistance with I.R. helicopters, satellites, etc. And if the die-hards have to dig in within the deep wilderness to survive, then they’re not fighting back.

    • old white guy says:

      a u.s. that continues to rush toward marx will be very dangerous for we socialists here in canada. not physically but economically. when they can no longer buy from us we will be poverty stricken. carry on.

  14. wormme says:

    Thank you all for commenting. As I said in the edited post, I got to watching football and forgot to check the site.

    Of course I know that the majority of Canadians are stalwart neighbors and would return to your WWII military puissance when necessary. But, like here, your progressives congregate in the “talky” industries and try to drown out everyone else.

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  16. KevinB says:

    Let’s see now:

    US of A:
    (not including the Revolutionary War)
    Franco-American War 1798-1800
    First Barbary War 1801-1805
    War of 1812 1812-1815
    Second Barbary War 1815
    First Seminole War 1817-1818
    (bunch of small Indian wars 1823, 1829, 1832)
    Second Seminole War 1835-1842
    Texas Revolution 1836
    Mexican-American War 1836-1838
    (more small Indian wars 1847-1863)
    Third Seminole War 1855-1858
    (I won’t include the Civil War as “war mongering”)
    Opium War 1856-1859
    (still more Indian wars 1862-1890)
    Spanish-American war 1898
    Philippine-American war 1899-1902
    Occupation of Honduras 1903-1925
    Occupation of Cuba 1906-1934
    Occupation of Nicaragua 1910-1933
    Mexican Revolution 1914-1919
    Occupation of Haiti 1915-1934
    Occupation of Dominican Republic 1916-1924
    WWI 1917-1918
    WWII 1941-1945
    Korean War 1950-1953
    Vietnam War 1964-1975
    Gulf War I 1990-1991
    Gulf War II 2001-2010
    Afghan War 2003-?

    War of 1812 – 1812-1815 (technically, we weren’t there yet, but I’ll count it anyway)
    Boer War 1899-1902
    WWI 1914-1918 (that’s the whole war, not just the last half the US joined)
    WWII 1939-1945 (that’s the whole war, not just the last 2/3 the US joined)
    Korean War 1950-1953
    Gulf War I 1990-1991
    Afghan War 2001-??

    I’m not including in either list various peacekeeping missions, limited NATO actions like Kosovo, or short adventures like Grenada. And I’m not counting the cold war either, because it wasn’t really a shooting war. (Besides, we were both in it.)

    So, I see this total: US, 244 years of history, 20+ wars if you don’t include all the wars against various Indian tribes, many more if you do.

    Canada: 143 years of history, 7 wars.

    From 1906 to 1934, the US occupied large chunks of Central America and the Caribbean, particularly from 1916 to 1924. Canada has never occupied any foreign territory.

    Now, I like Americans. My grandfather is American. My best friend lives in America, and his two kids are Americans. I have brothers and sisters-in-law and nieces and nephews who are Americans. I lived in, and worked in, America for a few years. Most Americans are great people (so are most Canadians, BTW, but there are jerks in both countries). But anyone who looks at the facts has to agree that the US has spent a far greater percentage of its existence embroiled in foreign conflicts than Canada has. That’s not prejudice, or twisting the truth, or putting a spin on anything. That’s just the facts. If you don’t like it – well, what’s the old American saying “You can dish it out, but you can’t take it”?

    • wormme says:

      Well, since you’re making it a statistical argument, you don’t mind if I adjust for population? Wikipedia puts the ratios of our populace at about 9 to 1.


      As far as the Indian wars, an expanding agrarian society began rubbing against many semi-nomadic tribes. The difference between North America and Eurasia is that one happened a few centuries ago, and the others millinnea. Last guy out gets all the blame.

  17. R. Ed Neck says:

    As a Canadian who has spent a lot of time in the US, kindly allow me some bytes to disclose what I have found out about Americans and Canadians.

    First, the useless leftists and progressives in both countries are self loathing, pompous blowhards who have either small penises or small intellect. In the blogs cited, I would say that the presumptuous simpletons suffer from both symptoms. The internet even gives the average person like me a voice. Unfortunately, as your examples show, it also gives the braindead a voice as well.

    Second, Americans and Canadians on the street – real people who work for a living and are fiscally responsible, actually understand each other very well. We have the same wishes, desires, and generally speaking, the same perspectives on many of the world’s situations. We share many beliefs and commonalities. So, to point out the US as a warmonger is to directly point the finger at ourselves. After all, we also have participated in wars and in a number out of proportion to our population base and to be honest as a Canadian, I am proud of that fact and humbled in the presence of our war veterans.

    Having said that, there are many times that I have wished that the US would just go in and make the worlds first, self-lighting parking lot in a number of countries.

    Finally, Americans individually are the most generous, kind and decent peoples that Canadians could want as neighbours. Collectively however, the US does sometimes worry me – Canada’s economy and its natural resource base is too dependant upon the random musings of your present underwhelming, poorly performing Chief and the random, bi-polar Speaker of the House who is going to save the earth through her shortsightedness. God, save us from well intentioned politicians!

    I would say that GW was a better friend of Canada than Nancy or the big O. I would say that Canada was a worse friend to the US during GW’s presidency and was arguably more poorly treated as a president by both Canadian media and citizens of his own country – which is quite saddening.

    Please don’t colour all Canucks with the same ‘tard brush. Some of us actually do get “it”.

    • wormme says:

      My current operating assumption is that the progressive mindset is in the minority in all liberal democracies…here, Canada, Brits, even France. Don’t have the link handy, but the Dissident Frogman is hilariously contemptuous of Europe’s ruling elite.

      But progressives swarm into the “talky” areas–government, academia, media, entertainment–grab the microphone, and try to silence or drown out all opposition with social pressure.

      In hindsight, I should have ended this post with “You’re welcome, Canadian leftists!” instead of “Canada”. It does look as if I’m lumping non-progressive Canadians in with the lil’ whiners. I apologize.

      • old white guy says:

        i have been a political junkie most of my fairly long life. we are socialist to the core . we will never have a real conservative government as 60% of all canadians vote for some form of socialism. if anything happens the first response is why did the government not do something. we have never seen a tax we will not pay, no matter where the money goes. i am the only living conservative in canada.

  18. Jim says:

    Oh pull-lease! Canada have a “massive military”? to build-up? I’ve been there – it ain’t so!

    – and if we did have a massive military, we’d sorta kinda havta build them up on your border, wouldn’t we, being that the rest of Canada is pretty well uninhabitable…

    I appreciate the thought though! =D

  19. Jim says:

    – Oh and; that wasn’t the Arrogant Worms; it was a previous group one of the Worms belonged to, called “Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie”. Now we know… ;))

  20. Bil Elder says:

    The US wasn’t a “warmonger” per se in its creation or in its infancy when it was still a constitutional republic. By its constituted nature the US was non interventionist and quasi- isolationist – much like the globe’s other great democracy, Switzerland. However, as a ruling class oligarchy emerged under robber baron control, it became a proxy war monger for the prototype UN internationalist cartels (Milner group, Rodes Round table/ RIIA). The American people’s and governments instincts were to stay out of WW1 and WW2. Since the LoN/UN (essentially a banking and war-making international cabal) has co-opted the US military(and the militaries of all its signatory democratic nations) to do its globalist interventionist bidding the US has ended up in one expensive protracted foreign military entanglement after another – so has Canada and every other fool nation who signed on to provide military muscle to this body of internationalist pirates.

    There was peace in traditional US non-interventionist isolationism and the tight borders that came with it. Perhaps they will return there some day soon before the war mongering internationalist cartels who operate within the UN have co-opted US military and foreign policy bankrupt the US fighting their wars, just as they did Britain before you.

    • wormme says:

      You make a very good point about isolationism and the borders. One problem of being a “melting pot” is that whenever some horrors are visited on a particular people, we have added pressure to respond if we have a significant American population of that ethnicity.

      And of course it was a mistake to take on almost all the expense of the Cold War, and defend Europe without those western democracies spending comparably on their own defense.

  21. The Phantom says:

    Excellent post, I’ve been saying the same thing to the same Leftist morons for years and years.

    America is the place Canadians go to experience freedom, the same as Europe is the place Canadians go to experience history. We don’t have much of either, so we have to go visit other people’s.

    I visit freedom in Arizona every winter, myself.

    • wormme says:

      Tons of great Canadian entertainers, of all sorts, do seem to migrate down here, don’t they? Lots more freedom and money. Take Jim Carrey. Hit it rich, make $20million/movie…then bad-mouth Americans for being too materialistic.

      I do wish Canada would hold on to that ilk. We have plenty of our own sanctimony and hypocrisy; there’s no need to import.

      But everyone else is welcome.

  22. Troy says:

    As a young man I was drawn into the “America is an arrogant, self righteous nation” mind set; a testament to the Liberal hold on education and nearly all things media in this country. Having matured into a rational, thinking, pursuer of truth, I have developed a deep respect, admiration and even envy of what America is. God bless you all and thank you for being our friend in times of need.

    • wormme says:

      Envy? I could see doing it for the weather, maybe. Canada is one of the freest nations on Earth. You’ve got a slighter higher percentage of liberal/progressives, maybe, which accounts for that greater degree of mandatory socialism. But hey! We’re heading in your direction.

      All the best to you and yours.

  23. Duke says:

    Worrme said….

    “Canada is one of the freest nations on Earth.”

    I call bullshit on that Worrme…we don’t even have property rights up here. And forget about any legal defence of defending your property.

    I would rather be in Arizona.

    • wormme says:

      Really? You guys have gone the British route of forced surrender within your own home? Holy crap, I’m sorry. And ashamed. Thought I’d become immune to leftist propaganda.

      The price of progressive countrymen is eternal vigilance.

      • The Phantom says:

        Dude, you have no fucking idea. Like I said, I visit freedom in Arizona.

        That ain’t hyperbole, that’s the fact Jack. The stone cold truth is I have more freedom both in law and on the ground in real life as a FOREIGN VISITOR in Arizona than I do as a natural born Canadian citizen in Ontario. Like, way more.

        You have to live both places a while to really get it to sink in, because in Canada all the bullshit hides under the surface. But you live here a year or two, the difference will shock the hell out of you. You spend a lot of time asking government officials of one kind or another, “You want WHAT? Are you fucking KIDDING ME?!!!”

  24. Bruce says:


    I was initally incensed by your post, branding all Canadians as weinies. But from the answers to the comments you have clarified your your position, so you are now on my list as someone I wouldn’t mind having over for dinner.

    Canada actually has a remarkable record in wartime, quite apart from the leftist a**hole politicians who want want characterize our record as merely being “peace-keepers”.

    In WWI, with a population of 8.5 million, we had 660,000 troops in uniform, 60,000 who died, and another 250,000 wounded.

    In WWII, with a population of 12.5 million, we fielded 1.1 million troops, lost about 30,000 of them, and had several hundred thousand wounded. By the end of the war, Canada, with it’s small population, had the third largest airforce and the fourth largest navy in the world.

    In Korea, we sent about 70,000 special forces troops, and took a large part of the brunt of the Chinese attacks.

    We have lost a disturbing numbers of troops in Afghanistan, not just fatalities, but the extremely large number of troops who have come home missing limbs or experiencing other serious and permanent injuries.

    I am very proud to have served my country for 30 years, and have a number of scars that fascinate my grandson (LOL); his favorite is the bullet wound…but all earned honourably in the course of duty.

    In any event, I apologize for what I was thinking of you when I first read your post, and am pleased that you clarified your position in your responses to comments.

  25. wormme says:

    I knew about the 4th largest navy, didn’t know about the air force.

    Yes, I singled out whiners early on, then stupidly didn’t emphasize it at the end. For the record, even in populations where people are overwhelmingly in accord, I always reserve assumptions about individual beliefs.

    So even if Canada was massively wussified (I’m not saying it is!) that would make you grown-up men and women more impressive, not less. We jokingly malign the French more than anyone, but folks like the Dissident Frogman not only aren’t “surrender monkeys”, they take no prisoners!

    And somewhere, surely, there exists a Palestinian peacemaker who hasn’t been murdered by his own people.

    You owe me no apologies. The post wasn’t precisely written. And I’m sorry to have given offense to you and the other readers who’ve risked your lives for your fellows.

  26. Duke says:

    Oh yeah Wormme…you really need to come up here for a good steak and Canadian reality education over a stout Canadian beer 😉

    And as to “massively wussified”, that would be the millions of liberals in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. A lot of the rest of us really do know that meat does not grow in a styrofoam tray and a high percentage of the rest of us can actually use a gun to go get that meat.

    LMAO!!! Can you imagine asking a University of Toronto liberal arts metrosexual to actually clean a goose? I leave that image to burn through your retinas!!

    • wormme says:

      Heck, I’d probably waste half the meat myself, not being a hunter. It’s for the same reason I never got into fishing…I never caught anything. For a hyperactive kid, that gets boring in a hurry.

      Honestly, one of the best indicators of relative sanity, regardless of nation, is population density. Big city folks are overwhelmingly liberal or progressive. As you say, “metrosexual”. I even did a post explaining (and forgiving) this insanity, right


      And thanks for the invite!

  27. Mazzuchelli says:

    Having said that, one of my favorite business associates is a Canadian. How many of one’s business associates are you willing to spend an afternoon and evening’s ponderings and musings over wonderful and weak American beer sitting in rocking chairs looking out over the beautiful Atlantic. Not many of any nationality.

  28. old white guy says:

    wormme. i think this is the first time i have read your site. fun. and i really am an old white guy.

    • wormme says:


      Thanks for visiting and for the compliment. We do have fun here.

      Which helps whenever I get too angry and start to hate progressives. Even when they attain their goals…they’ve forgotten what fun is. Whine and gloat is all they know.

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  30. Mazzuchelli says:

    Furthermore, I will never forgive Canadians for booing our national anthem before a junior hockey game. Honest to dog. Wouldn’t one think those people represent salt-of-the-earth Canadians? My Dad still refers to Canadians as “Commie Canucks.” That incident really fed into his perspective.

    • Kursk says:

      Sports and politics are but two examples of tribalism at its finest/worst…

      If the junior game was played in Quebec, it would be of no real surprise to most Canadians.

      I hear people from Philadelphia boo safe landings at the airport..one can only speculate what their problems are..

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