“Universal” health care–there are more accurate words for it, you know.

That the W.O.R.M. suffers obsessive-compulsive tendencies will not surprise anyone.  One of these is maximizing precision, especially in ideas and communication.  It bugs me enough to call the Founding Fathers liars or morons.  And I like those guys.

Well, my fellow freedom-loving Americans…you are social creatures.  And that’s how progressives kick your behinds despite their mental and moral inferiority.  You’re not really aware of the immense pressure they put on you with the lies and name-calling and whining.  You let them get away with choosing terms and framing arguments, because you know how they act when they don’t get their way.

You guys have to start reframing terms and arguments.  And by reframing, I don’t mean Alinsky crap.  I mean the exact opposite: making the truth harder and harder to deny.

So, “universal” health care.  They pushed that phrase for, what, decades?  And everyone finally accepted the term.  Even though there are demonstrably more precise words to describe the program than “universal”.

Progressive:  “What do you think about universal health care?”

W.O.R.M.: “I have no problem with it, if anyone can opt out.”

Progressive:   “What?!  Everyone has to be in it.  Otherwise it’s not universal.”

W.O.R.M.: “Oh!  Then the proper phrase is “compulsory health care”.  “Mandatory” also works.”

Progressive: “It’s called “universal”.”

W.O.R.M.: “But it’s only “universal” because you’re forcing people into it.  “Compulsory” is more accurate, and thus better.  It’s actually a sin for me to pretend otherwise.”

Progressive:  “Racist!”

Their name-calling, or whatever tactics used to deny the truth, will persist as long as you do.  Yet do not take one step down a false euphemistic path.  But of course you will.  They are socially relentless and you are not.

Or is it that puny humans don’t even notice these things?  I do often feel like a Spock on a planet of seven billion Kirks.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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